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David Kamioner is a veteran of U.S. Army intelligence in Europe and of the First Infantry Division. A former political consultant, he is a public relations consultant in the high tech industry in Washington, D.C.

Avoidable Tragedy: Why We Need Missile Defense Now

Decades ago, as a young intelligence analyst with the U.S. Army’s Pershing Nuclear Missile Brigade (56th Artillery), I wondered whether, as British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin said in 1932, “the bomber will always get through.” I wondered whether indeed an attack by air or missile could be stopped. I knew our Pershing 1

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Clueless New York Times Fizzles Out on Missile Defense

We live in a global defense environment where technology can outpace judgment and experience. Perhaps in the debate over ground-based midcourse defense missiles (GMD), an anti-ballistic system that can shoot down incoming missiles, we can look to the past, always the best indicator of the future. Also as recent events in Syria indicate,

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