Jessica Kwong Was Wrong

The former Newsweek reporter’s defense, describing her false report about Trump’s Thanksgiving plans as “an honest mistake,” would hold a little more water if the publication wasn’t known for its unhinged hatred of the president.

Color Me Crony

Cronyism, race hustling, and inefficiency are par for the course in D.C. and so another story offering all of this probably won’t be an epiphany. But as an example of it, this deal appears to have it all.

The Politicization of Everything

Couldn’t we have one major media outlet that will take the Charles Kuralt sleepy Sunday morning arts-and-culture theme and run with it for those who are tired of the drumbeat of nonstop politics?

Toward a New Cynicism

Recognizing not only the inefficiencies and corruption inherent in our political process and government, but also the stupidity to which modern man is prone, we should begin all dealings with human beings by assuming that, either out of their ineptitude or their malice, they are going to get it wrong.

Afghanistan’s Decent Interval

As usual in the far-flung reaches of the world, we tried to bring to Afghanistan hope, progress, and democracy in a typically idealistic, but not realistic, American “nation-building” fashion.

False Crucibles

Past generations of Americans have experienced their own bloodletting, their own walk through fire, to ensure their survival and the success of our nation and people. In this way, the inner steel of generations of young Americans was tempered. But that's not so true for the generation coming of age. What does that mean for our Republic?

The Emptiest Suit in Texas

I’m not exactly an optimist when it comes to politics. Perhaps it’s because I spent almost 20 years running political media efforts and helming campaigns. […]