Articles by David Kamioner

Trump’s Dingell Line Shows He Needs to ‘Chill’

At a reelection rally in Battle Creek, Michigan last Wednesday, Donald Trump took a sarcastic swing at U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) and her late husband, John Dingell, lately of the same—apparently hereditary—congressional district. The president, after commenting on the elaborate funeral arrangements he approved for the deceased congressman, jokingly insinuated the former lawmaker might […]

Latins for Trump? It Could Happen

When I was young, I hated being Latin and was embarrassed by it. All the macho overcompensation, the loud talking, the even louder clothes made of colors and fabrics not found in nature, the old-country ways, the conniving emotionalism, and the obstinacy I thought vulgar and crude. It turned me at a young age into […]

Jessica Kwong Was Wrong

In the journalism game, a lot of things can get you in trouble that won’t get you axed. What can get you fired at many places is getting a story so wrong that your Public Enemy No. 1—in this case, the president of the United States—is laughing at you from the salad to the cherry […]

Color Me Crony

Federal set-asides, contracts specifically awarded by government-labeled minorities based on gender and race, are an everyday occurrence here in Washington, D.C. Over the decades, the race hustling lobby has cut itself in for some serious federal contract action abetted by a willing quid pro quo from Democrats in Congress and friendly denizens in the executive […]

The Politicization of Everything

Recently, Major League Baseball umpire Rob Drake was in the news for saying on Twitter that he was going to buy an AR-15 to prepare for the upcoming civil war if President Trump was removed from office after impeachment. Putting aside for a moment Drake’s First Amendment rights, or the fact that Drake and most […]

Toward a New Cynicism

When I was a teenager my kid sister and I came up with a concept we called CST. You see, my Cuban mom was always late. No matter what the occasion she reliably could be expected to be chronologically unreliable. Usually by about 30-45 minutes. So we conceived of the concept of “Cuban Standard Time.” […]

A Sycophantic Generation

Over the last two decades or so, a strange phenomenon has reversed a cultural trend some 60 years in the making. Beginning in the 1950s with the ascendance of teenage rebellion, and on to the 1960s counterculture, American youth took a naturally antagonistic view of their elders. When it came to politics, culture, literature, film, […]

Afghanistan’s Decent Interval

As the Paris peace negotiations between the U.S. and North Vietnam to end the Vietnam War were close to being concluded, Henry Kissinger, national security advisor to Richard Nixon, told close associates he knew the North Vietnamese were going to win the Vietnam War after we left. Nixon agreed. Kissinger said all he wanted was a […]

False Crucibles

Every generation in modern American and, indeed, Western history has had its crucibles. We’ve had the Great War, the Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, and various economic crises and foreign policy challenges. There always have been existential threats to our society requiring maximum exertion. Through that hardening effort and the concurrent […]

How Far Can This Campaign Go?

Many of us saw and were mightily amused at the antics at the recent Democratic Party presidential primary debates. Two incidents that stand out for me as absurdist gold are former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro advocating—in the vein of Eric Idle’s character in “Life of Brian”— the right of biological males to […]

The Emptiest Suit in Texas

I’m not exactly an optimist when it comes to politics. Perhaps it’s because I spent almost 20 years running political media efforts and helming campaigns. But this year . . . well, this year is different. It’s just not that the Democrats have gone off the deep end ideologically. After their initial reaction to Hillary’s […]

Washington’s Favorite Sport

No, I’m not talking about the state nor am I talking about the Nationals or Redskins. The overwhelming pastime of choice in this town is the funding game. At the moment, the dust is settling in a bout where one defense multinational, Lockheed Martin, went after another one, Boeing. This is over whether there should […]

The Political Implications of the Antihero

Once upon a time in Western civilization, the knight in shining armor was the beau ideal for male character development. A guileless, clean-living, fair-playing Christian and brave sort of rule-keeping chap who treated women with due deference and willingly, if not enthusiastically, sacrificed all for God, king, and country. The Somme, to steal from Robert […]