Greatness Agenda

NATO Needs a Revamped Purpose

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established in 1949 to promote the containment of the Soviet Union, but it lacks such a clear purpose today.

Not Quite MAGA?

What’s behind the inconsistencies between Trump’s words and his actions on so many policies? A good place to start looking is at Jared Kushner’s Office of American Innovation.

What Is To Be Done?

We have to face reality and fight the good fight effectively on the terrain on which we now find ourselves. Ordinary politics are essentially over.

Geezers’ Palace

The etiquette of deferring to age has to give way for a time until age again defers to youth and the future.

Exclusivity Is Not Racism

Oblivious to the logical and moral contradictions inherent in their special pleading, some Jews work toward rightist political prescriptions for Israelis but leftist prescriptions for Americans.

The Beggaring of the Middle Class

The question for every policymaker should be how to restart a new period of national vitality. Narrowly focused gains in information technology won’t do it—neither will fiscal stimulus.

Biden’s Immigration Agenda

Our immigration policy should prioritize the dogged preservation of America’s free-thinking, free-praying, free-speaking, and free-opportunity traditions as the greatest global ideal.

Multilateral Dreamin’

The foreign policy establishment’s vapidities veil a substantive void. Their competence is bounded strictly by their experience, which is of personal success and public failure.