Greatness Agenda

Get Out of Afghanistan

It doesn’t matter if the peace deal is good or bad, whether it halts the fighting or causes more strife. The American people want out.

A Jaundiced Take on National Conservatism

Serious democratic conservatives in America, Britain, Israel, and Europe should be under no illusions about the contempt directed at them by Anne Applebaum and her bloc of liberal internationalists who claim to be the great arbiters of democracy in the world today.

Artificial Unintelligence

When an artificial intelligence clearly fails, like a chatbot that starts making racist remarks or an autopilot that flies an aircraft into the ground, its designers shut it down. America’s 17 intelligence agencies are like that failed chatbot and autopilot.

Trump Is Betraying the Working Class

If President Trump had pledged to facilitate illegal immigration, undermine the wages of the most vulnerable Americans, and to perpetuate a system rife with exploitation, it's unlikely he would have won his seat in the Oval Office. Now that is precisely what he is doing.

Governing Takes a Team

Since we are unlikely to prevail on the president to prepare an alternative to a ruling class that is ready to meld with the Sandersistas, it behooves conservatives to put together our own plans and lists of people to implement them.

How China Recruits Allies Against America

When you hear Joe Biden or any other candidate, Wall Street analyst, or talking head say President Trump “should work with our allies” to take on China, you can be sure that person doesn't know what he is talking about. Or he is being paid not to know.