Greatness Agenda

Is Xi Jinping Losing China’s ‘Mandate of Heaven’?

The coronavirus outbreak and its impact on Chinese politics is probably the most important event for China since Mao’s “Great Leap Forward.” China’s long history suggests there is a pattern to these events that ends with the old regime being swept away and replaced by another.

Democrats Willing to Let America Lose the Space Race

Whichever country conquers space first will write the destiny of the rest of us on Earth for this century. Clearly, the House Democrats don’t care. They want us to lose to the Red Chinese because that would be a victory for them over “that man” in the White House.

Teasing the Tiger

The state is coming after your children and politeness, fairness, and compromise are all demanded of you, but not of them. Is the American conservative tiger made of paper? Or is it real? Spain’s history in the 20th century offers a vital lesson.

Democracy Dies In Diverse Societies

By using their police powers to swamp their already fractious populations with alien nations, governments have undermined existing ethnic balance in Western democracies and the fellow feeling so essential to democracy’s endurance.

Trade Policy Is Always Political First

Maybe the dealers got high on their own supply, but in the 1990s a trade regime that hitherto consistently understood itself as a political tool, the function of which was to achieve political aims, began running on autopilot and understanding itself as a purely economic tool.

Espresso Populism

Matteo Salvini is destined to become Italy’s next prime minister. Barring a black swan event, this will happen as the collective psychology wills it in much the same manner that Trump and Boris Johnson also both lead their respective countries.