Greatness Agenda

Dumber and Brainwashed

In light of recent test scores and the proliferation of critical race theory, America’s future is not promising.

The Return of Bibi Netanyahu

Israelis finally sobered up and realized Netanyahu is the best candidate to steward the Jewish state on issues of law and order, public safety, national security, and even
international diplomacy.

The Dangers of Peace in Ukraine

Peace is hazardous to Joe Biden’s administration and his party’s poor chances of maintaining their congressional majorities in next month's elections.

Crime and the Border

We should not be introducing into our society criminals or deadbeats, legal or illegal. Someone introduced into our society should make it better, and certainly not worse.

YouTube Censorship Continues

Americans are seeing Big Tech for what it is: social platforms operated by woke scolds more interested in lining their pockets than creating a space for America to engage in discourse.

The Commie Train’s A’Comin’

China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation is a Chinese state-owned company controlled by the People’s Liberation Army. So why are American cities contracting with them for their rail cars?