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Tim Meisburger has worked in international development since 1988, and specialized in elections and democratization since 1992. Prior to taking his current position at a private foundation in 1997, he worked for the UN, OSCE, and as a consultant in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. His interests and technical expertise include elections assessment (including public opinion surveys and qualitative research), program development and management, project monitoring and evaluation, civic and voter education, civil society strengthening, legal and regulatory reform, election systems, sustainable election administration, political party development, and democratization. Mr. Meisburger is the author of numerous country studies and survey reports, and his paper on election systems was published January 2012 Journal of Democracy. Mr. Meisburger holds an MA in International Administration from the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Foreign Aid Won’t End Under Trump—Here’s How to Make It Better

Foreign Aid probably won't disappear under Trump. But it is possible to redirect it and make it more effective in serving our interests while actually helping those who need it. What will be the role for international development assistance and aid in the Trump Administration? Although the Trump transition team has yet to

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