Articles by Larry Sand

California Cancels School

n July 8, the California Teachers Association (CTA), the most powerful public-sector union in the Golden State, issued a statement asserting that, due to coronavirus concerns, state schools should not open this fall. The following day, the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) released a 17-page “research paper” in which concerns about coronavirus were secondary […]

Biden Does Teachers Union Bidding

ack in May, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tapped Senator Bernie Sanders to help assemble six task forces which would make recommendations for the party’s 2020 platform. The allegedly moderate Biden joined up with the Vermont socialist in an attempt to unify the fractured party. But the report just released by the Education Unity […]

The Wisdom of Markets

hose invested in the primacy of traditional public schools–notably the teachers unions, bureaucrats and others who financially benefit from the current set-up–insist that the government is best suited to be in charge of educating our nation’s children, and that any individual or group that pushes for school privatization is greedy, and looking to “get rich […]

The Misguided and Devos-Deranged Teachers Unions

hen government-run schools next open, social distancing, masks, obsessive cleaning, etc. will be mandated throughout much of the country. The education establishment is claiming it will need a bundle of additional money to make all this work and, not surprisingly, the teachers unions are leading the cash-crazed charge. The American Federation of Teachers is demanding […]

The Looming School Reopening Nightmare

ids who don’t like going to school in California – and there are plenty of them – are going to be absolutely miserable when schools reopen in 3 or so months. According to Governor Gavin Newsom’s just released general guidelines, students will be required to wear masks and have their temperatures taken upon entering the […]

The Rigid Old Normal

undits are continuously speculating about what the post-pandemic “new normal” will look like in education when schools open (hopefully) in a few months. Many say that smaller class size will be necessary to facilitate social distancing. Some think that homeschooling will flourish. While others insist that online instruction or “distance learning” will make great strides. […]

School Choice Ascending

s traditional public schools grapple with the effects of Covid-19, many parents are awakening to school choice. The left-right debate about how to improve education in the U.S. often comes down to money v. school choice. Many on the left bemoan the fact that we don’t “invest” more in education. It doesn’t help to point […]

The Coming Upheaval in Education

here is no way to sugarcoat it. The economic impact of COVID-19 will take its toll on education funding. The National Education Association is in full freak-out mode, “calling for an additional $175 billion to stabilize education funding—the $30.7 billion authorized thus far is not nearly enough.” The California Teachers Association echoes the $175 billion […]

Harvard’s Homeschool Haters

t’s the state that’s empowering parents to do anything with children. To take them home, to have custody, to make any kind of decision about that.” No, that is not a twisted thought from the late Joe Stalin or some other power-mad foreign dictator. It was uttered by visiting Harvard law professor James Dwyer, who […]

School’s Out Forever?

ith just about every public school in the country closed at this time, the only way for kids to get an education is at home. Many see this as nothing less than tragic. Writing in Education Week, Stephen Sawchuk claims that schools are an “absolute necessity for the functioning of civic culture, and even more […]

When ‘Bargaining for the Common Good’ Isn’t

In 2014, public-employee union leaders and community organizations gathered in Washington, D.C., and came up with a strategy to advance what they called “bargaining for the common good.” The new approach included using the collective bargaining process as a way to challenge the relationships between government and the private sector, working with community allies to […]

Woke Evangelists Spread the Gospel

America’s newest religion is secular, and its zealous missionaries are focusing their efforts on the country’s youth. John Murawski does an excellent job of detailing the nuts and bolts of the new evangelism in “Woke History Is Making Big Inroads in America’s High Schools.” He begins by delving into California, where a hideous ethnic studies […]

Kamala Harris’ Hair-Raising, Tax-Raising Plan

background_repeat=”no-repeat” hover_type=”none” border_position=”all” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ [fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_ rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” class=”” id=””] [fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_ rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” class=”” id=””] When the American Federation of Teachers endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in July 2015, many teachers were infuriated. The union’s Bernie Sanders supporters justifiably believed they had no role in the […]

Teachers Unions Take Charge in West Virginia

West Virginia’s public schools are not academic standouts. Far from it, in fact. The state’s 8th graders ranked 45th nationwide in reading on the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Also, according to the state scorecard, 88 percent of West Virginia’s 116 high schools “do not meet standards” in math. In view of these troubling […]

Marching Madness

In case you weren’t around for the radical tomfoolery in the 1960s, you’re now seeing the sequel. This time, however, with the ubiquity of social media, the latest incarnation has spread roughly at the speed of light. Using the horrific shooting deaths of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida as a […]

Desperately Demeaning DeVos

America’s teachers union leaders typically don’t like secretaries of education. At all. They see the cabinet position as a teenager views a chaperone—a scold who will at least try to keep them from making a bigger mess of things than they already have. And according to union bosses, Betsy DeVos is the Chaperone from Hell. […]