This Fudd’s a Dud

Democrat Tim Ryan tried every trick in the book to win Ohio’s open Senate seat, including a ridiculous ad about the Second Amendment. 

Cloak-and-Ballot Stuff

A new “bipartisan” organization of national security apparatus alumni is backing Democrat candidates ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. 

Will USA Today have a tomorrow?

It was once the newspaper marketed to the average American reader. Now the weakness of the economy and the print news sector threatens its parent company, sister publications, and many of its rivals.

Josh Shapiro’s Keystone Flops

Pennsylvania’s A.G.’s botched prosecution of prison guards was meant to signal that no one is above the law, but instead showed that he could ruin lives without worrying about the burden of proof.

Rolling Stone Sinks

An inept attempt to tar Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters with guilt by association underscores how lame political reporting has become. 

Heller Skelter

Heller v. D.C. held that the Second Amendment protects private firearm ownership. So how has Washington, D.C. managed to shut out thousands of law-abiding residents from getting carry permits?

Mr. Brandon’s Opus

If you liked how Joe Biden bungled the Afghanistan withdrawal, you're gonna be thrilled with his Ukrainian sequel.