The Governor Kemp Problem

The Georgia governor is an empty suit when it comes to understanding the education and culture issues that matter so much to conservative voters. 

The Road to Vengeance

Millennials look for meaningful existence in false gods of social justice, unable to find it where they should, in church, in tradition, in humanitas, in country.

The Fears of the Elite 

We aren’t a normal society, and the timid reticence of the elite whenever a charge of political incorrectness is launched is one of the sure signs of abnormality. 

Cancel Culture Isn’t So New

We have gone from English and psychology professors punishing their intractable inferiors to commissioners of professional sports and governors of liberal states punishing them.

The New Liberal Temper

Liberals have the power, but they won’t save us. Liberalism is a personality: flexible, situational, attuned to prevailing winds

Elite Liberal Guilt (Again)

From now on, when conservatives hear liberal elites alert Americans in fretful tones of a rising rabble on the Right, they should respond, “Stop trying to hide your own miserable ineptitude!”

Conservatives Must Read Marx

Popular conservative thinkers warn of the dangers of class warfare and everything-is-political thinking. But they can’t advise a subordinate class how to climb out of a pit.

A Daring Left and a Cowed Center 

Too many people fail to recognize that when liberal elites sign on to “systemic racism” and other leftist concoctions they are not endorsing an ideology, they are protecting themselves. 

The Republican Retreat on Race

Republicans, please hire some people to teach you how to seize the race issue, not run from it. The Democrat position is flimsy; it’s rhetorical, not empirical.