Greatness Agenda

Heller Skelter

Heller v. D.C. held that the Second Amendment protects private firearm ownership. So how has Washington, D.C. managed to shut out thousands of law-abiding residents from getting carry permits?

Bye Bye, Brexit

Soon, those millions who voted Leave will find out what they suspected all along: it’s a big club, and they ain’t in it.

Life of Brian

Meet the amazing Brian Deese, savior of the planet and Joe Biden’s mouthpiece for the “liberal world order.”

A Win Over Green Tyranny

Thanks to President Trump’s Supreme Court picks, American businesses and families have been uplifted and freed from the heavy hand of unaccountable government bureaucracy. 

China’s Academic Soft Power

Confucius Institutes on America’s college campuses have followed Sun Tzu’s teaching and now emulate water by rebranding and re-housing themselves in order to survive.