Greatness Agenda

Lady Justice Loses Her Blindfold

Agenda-driven judges and advocacy from the bench are the last thing we need as we drift further away from rule of law that has always been one of the pillars of America’s greatness.

Help from the Enemy 

In 1991, a leading Chinese Communist identified the virtues that made America strong and, therefore, the virtues the CCP should work to undermine. 

Cape Cod Decides to Boost Its Crime Rate

As the second-home owners in Martha’s Vineyard saw recently when a plane load of illegal aliens arrived, living with the results of their politics is far different from just virtue-signaling them.

Mob Rule and the Death of Trust

America’s elites use lies about race, gender, health, climate, environment, and energy to gut the middle class, explode the dependent class, and transfer trillions into their own pockets.

Biden Licks Beijing’s Boots

When Joe Biden goes to Indonesia to normalize relations with Xi, the Chinese ruler will view Biden’s actions for what they truly are: bootlicking intended to stave off the inevitable Chinese assault. 

Welcome to Ukrainistan 

What is the Biden Administration doing in Ukraine? Given the state of our military, we should postpone all conflict until we are better prepared—assuming the Chinese will grant us that time.