Free Speech

A Big Win in a Long War

Elon Musk’s battle with Twitter was a major victory. But it is only part of the eternal war between self-anointed elitists and the people over free speech.

Free Ricky Vaughn

The Left knows their biggest struggle and their biggest opponent are the American people, many of whom reject the system and its contradictions

Nobody Expects the SPLC Inquisition!

Today's Left attempts to "completely destroy" its enemies by concocting outlandish guilt-by-association smears. In American politics, we don't expect the Spanish Inquisition—but it's here nonetheless.

The Establishment War on the Intellectual Dark Web

In the war for public opinion, a loose-knit group of politically incorrect celebrities, writers, podcasters, and vloggers is the last refuge of free speech and open debate on the policy issues that will define what sort of world we leave to our posterity.

Big Tech Censors Strike Again

Think corporate suppression of speech isn't a problem? Think again. Silicon Valley is just getting warmed up in its efforts to shape public opinion for the 2020 elections.