Rabbi Yaakov Menken

About Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Rabbi Yaakov Menken is the founder of Project Genesis, and Chief Architect of its websites. You will find hundreds of Torah commentaries authored by Rabbi Menken earned his Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in Computer Science, and pursued Rabbinic studies in Yeshivas Ohr Somayach, Beth Medrash Gavoha in Lakewood and Jerusalem, and the Mirrer Yeshiva Jerusalem, before founding Project Genesis in 1993. Rabbi Menken is also the President of the Coalition for Jewish Values.

Authoritarians Today Lob Lies from the Left

The reaction to Michael Anton’s elevation to the National Security Council confirms that he is a man of penetrating insight. Anton, of course, was for some time better known as “Publius Decius Mus,” writing at the Journal of American Greatness, the Claremont Review of Books, and, of course, American Greatness. In his famous piece, “The

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The Arab Narrative vs. President Trump

President Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. While liberal governments across Europe and liberal citizens across the United States were reacting angrily to President Trump's travel ban for immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority had a more urgent concern: António Guterres. Guterres, the newly

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Why Trump Was the Fairness Candidate

This time, America not merely surprised but shocked the pundits. The polls were wrong, the projections were off, the media was biased, and Donald Trump's hidden base came to vote. Now the same pundits are scratching their heads. Why were the president-elect's supporters—many of whom were uncomfortable with his blustering and self-contradictory rhetoric, his statements about patriotic

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