Overreaction du Jour

Accusations of anti-Semitism, given the gravity of the charge, require more than a few juvenile tweets to substantiate them.

Moratorium Interruptus

What should the president do now about his executive order for an immigration moratorium? The system needs to start working for American workers.

Trump’s Blind Spot on Immigration

President Trump needs to understand that America needs a more moderate level of immigration because it’s both good policy and good politics. Cheap foreign labor is cheap foreign labor, whether it’s legal or illegal, permanent or temporary, blue-collar or white-collar. 

Nobody Expects the SPLC Inquisition!

Today's Left attempts to "completely destroy" its enemies by concocting outlandish guilt-by-association smears. In American politics, we don't expect the Spanish Inquisition—but it's here nonetheless.

‘All You Americans Are Fired’

This discrimination in favor of immigrants wasn’t subtle, or imputed from “disparate impact” hokum. In many cases, Americans were weeded out by requiring applicants to speak Spanish, even though it had no relevance to the work.