Books & Culture

The Judgments of Time

Because of our technology, the shallowness of the cast of “The View” will be on display for anyone to see, for 1,000 years. But they do not tremble. I would, in their shoes.

Unthinking Tools of Unreason Itself

The licensers in Milton’s time feared the bad examples that the untrained mind might derive from bad books. But they were veritable champions of a free press compared to what we have now.

What the Hell, and Worse

America contains multitudes. And even if we don’t have a truly common language, it pays to know how truly common our language can be.

Bob Saget’s Comedy Will Be Missed

In a time when many entertainers are being canceled and replaced by humorless, talentless individuals who check off all the correct woke Left boxes, all Saget wanted to do was make people laugh. 

The Sad Eyes of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s ineffable beauty transcends sultriness because her interiority, known only to herself, supersedes the triteness of sexual objectification.

Nothing to See

“Don’t Look Up” gets lost in its own irony, and its creator Adam McKay as well as the actors are revealed to be part of the elitism that the film is attempting to criticize.