Memento Mori: Rutger Hauer’s Message in ‘Blade Runner’

The death in July of Dutch actor Rutger Hauer brought out reflections on his career. Hauer made his film debut as a wild sculptor in Paul Verhoeven’s “Turkish Delight” (1973), and since then has starred in numerous films, but he is known primarily for his role as Roy Batty in Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” (1982).

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Conviction vs. Passionate Intensity: A Story for the Ages

Between the Bible and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare is the story of humanity. Between the “Song of Solomon” and Shakespeare’s sonnets is the language of Western Civilization: a language that speaks to the better angels of our nature, while reminding us of the frailties of human nature, for temptations abound.  Unless we remember

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Liberal Hegemony’s High Costs

Foreign policy is very much an insider’s game. A handful of journals, scholars, and think tanks control its direction. Influential figures in both parties have formed a substantial consensus on the importance of preserving U.S. primacy over all contenders, the need to promote democracy and other liberal values, the vulnerability of the “international system,” and

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The Tao of Dave Chappelle

If you have been following the reviews of Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix stand-up special "Sticks & Stones," you know that the media is already tearing it apart. The people at Vice say you can skip watching it and that the show "doubles down on misogyny and transphobia." Paste Magazine called it, “boring, hypocritical and out-of-touch.”  The Root calls

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The Genius of Dave Chappelle

Common Sense is the radicalism of Thomas Paine, while common sense is the righteousness of the Everyman. The man whose masculinity students disdain, whose mindset critics despise, whose thoughts are an affront to the mindless groupthink of the crowd, the mob, and the Twitterverse of professional victims. Among the latter, who banish their enemies not

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The Great American Movie

Among American cinephiles, there is a shortlist of movies that usually serve as the fitting answer to the question: What is the greatest American movie of all time? No matter the answer, respected connoisseurs of cinema invariably will mention John Ford’s 1956 classic Western, “The Searchers.” Featuring one of the strongest performances of that most

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The Petrified Forest

Apart from Noam Chomsky, the two forces degrading English today are ignorance and politics. From ignorance we get, among other things, the frequent abandonment of conjunctions (no better way to screw up a sentence); the sudden disappearance of national adjectives, so that we have “the France government,” presumably “France wine,” and the insane construction of

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Are the Kids Al(t)Right?

Around a year ago, the editors of this august journal asked me to contribute a piece on the “alt-right.” I hesitated, for a number of reasons, at least two of which are relevant here. First, I did not then—and still do not—quite know what the “alt-right” is. That is to say, I know what the

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