‘The Democrat Party Hates America’ is a Brutal Indictment of The Left

Anyone who is a regular listener of Mark Levin’s radio show or watches him on Fox News is aware that no one is better equipped at exposing the evils of the Democratic Party than Levin.

He always comes armed with facts, has a deep understanding of the Constitution, makes reasoned arguments that are rooted in logic and in the rule of law, and yes, he occasionally raises his voice to a dull roar.

In Levin’s latest book, The Democrat Party Hates America, Levin delivers perhaps his most scathing indictment yet of this increasingly radical, tyrannical and unhinged Marxist party.

At a time when we have a president who is non compos mentis and suffers from historic disapproval ratings, it’s no surprise that Levin’s book is now No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. Surely this will infuriate the folks at Mediaite (who constantly mischaracterize Levin) and the rest of the Journo-activists in the Leftist corporate media.

In the book, Levin outlines in great detail the Democrat Party’s history of anti-black racism, and anti-semitism, which has now morphed into anti-white racism, more anti-semitism (at least they’re consistent), a war against Catholics, its destruction of the nuclear family, its Orwellian control of language and thought, and its war against the Constitution.

Levin further exposes beloved Leftist figures like Woodrow Wilson—who jump started the administrative state and was sympathetic to the KKK, and FDR—who expanded the role of government to achieve his socialist agenda, threw 120,000 Japanese Americans into internment camps during WWII, showed little interest in helping the millions of Jews being slaughtered by the Nazis and did next to nothing to help advance the causes of the black community.

Levin writes that while the Left has an obsession with reminding its base about the past sins of our country, curiously the Democrat Party never takes any responsibility for it. 

The Democrat Party has developed in the political home of the various American Marxist movements, with which they agree and identify. Hence, they are not so repulsed by America’s past—or more accurately, the Democrat Party’s past—as to forever condemn the Democrat Party and refuse any association with it. They ignore or downplay its links to the Ku Klux Klan, white-supremacist neo-Nazis, lynchings, etc. Instead, they target and blame the entire society, culture, and country for the Democrat Party’s contemptible past. To underscore the point, the American Marxists are supportive of the Democrat Party’s modern-day promotion of economic socialism, cultural Marxism, and anti-Americanism. In truth, their contempt for the Constitution, and its routine condemnation, is not so much because of some of the Framers’ biographies, but because the Constitution’s firewalls remain an impediment to, or at least slow their revolutionary aims and the speed with which they seek to make them.

For the record, Levin deliberately refers to this benighted party as the “Democrat Party,” instead of the “Democratic Party,” because as he correctly points out, it is anything but Democratic.

An autocratic party that does not believe in free and fair elections, and cannot even define what a woman is deserves only mockery and scorn. As Levin explains: 

Of course the Democrat Party wants the big cities and most populous states to rule over the entire country, since these are Democrat strongholds. And, if they could, they would abolish the states. Presidential candidates would not have to campaign in vast parts of the country, only in the dense areas mostly along the two coasts and certain Midwest metropolitan areas. Thus, representation would effectively be denied to tens of millions of people who live in the exurbs and beyond, including rural areas. The states that produce most of the food we eat and energy we consume would have little or no say in the nation’s governance or in the federal government’s rule over them, which would be disastrous civilly, politically, and economically.

Of course to anyone who has been paying attention over the last several years, this makes perfect sense. The Left is no longer the party of the working class. They do not appeal to the farmers, ranchers, manufacturers and truckers. Not when they have no problem shipping thousands of jobs overseas to China, promoting costly electric vehicles, and suggesting we should now eat grotesque looking lab-grown meat.

The Left’s platform in 2023 only seems to cater to the laptop class, and its alphabet soup of activist groups who more often than not reside in urban areas. So it’s only fitting that the Left couldn’t care less about taking away the voting power from the hardworking men and women who deliver our produce, and keep our power grid humming, but aren’t on board with the Left’s job killing, economy destroying, inflationary agenda.

While Levin rightfully spends most of his time excoriating the Democrat Party, he also has little patience for Republicans who do not show chutzpah or courage, seem hellbent on appeasing the Leftist media apparatus, make concessions that betray their constituents and genuinely don’t seem to understand what we’re up against. That’s not to say that Levin is advocating Republicans use the same sort of dirty tactics that the Left uses, but he is honest enough to explain the major difference between the two parties.

Unlike the Republican Party, the Democrat Party is more than a political party. It is the state party. It seeks to monopolize the political system, the culture, government, and society. And while the Republican party exists to try to win elections, the Democrat Party plays for keeps—that is, election defeats can never be allowed to interfere with the ideological trajectory the party imposes on the nation. And when the Democrat Party wins elections, it continues building upon the permanent centers of power, including the vast federal bureaucracy, subsidized nongovernment organizations, lifetime activist judges, tenured professors and teachers, party members in the media, etc. The Democrat Party uses the culture and politics to empower itself and its agenda. And Democrats have no intention of surrendering control of either. Consequently, when the Democrat Party wins elections, it claims broad mandates; when it loses elections, it ignores the popular will of the people and turns to the permanent government and its cultural surrogates to sabotage the Republicans and push forward their American Marxist agenda.

In other words, even when the Left does not have control of the White House, or Congress, it is still able to advance its anti-American, Marxist agenda via the administrative state and through other means.

While Levin does not necessarily offer a solution to combating this pervasive Leftist onslaught that we face, he does a commendable job of identifying and outlining the very real dangers that we face, which is a good start.

The same way Thomas Paine’s pamphlet served as a guide to the early colonists during the American Revolution, this book should awaken American patriots across the land to become more involved in advancing the principles of freedom that have been preserved for the last 247 years, but sadly are being curtailed.

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  1. While Levin does not necessarily offer a solution to combating this pervasive Leftist onslaught…

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