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The Celestial Empire Fights Back

Three Asian-American authors offer interesting perspectives on how America can, and ought to be, an example to the world   and how to stand up to their school boards.

Woke Church Woes

From start to finish, Fault Lines not only raises the alarm of a fast-approaching cultural catastrophe but makes a plea to the prodigal church to return to its biblical roots.

Repairing the Broken World

Imagine nothingness. Imagine joylessness. Imagine life without love, mercy, faith, hope, and justice. This is the essence of the song “Imagine.” And it’s the essence of today’s globalist message.

Free and Captive Minds

Freedom does not exist in a collectivist society, and the only way that it can exist is if we reject collectivism, and affirm the idea of community.

On the Meaning of ‘Glory’

Without the participation of African Americans, the war to save the Union “as it was” could not have been transformed into a war to save the Union “as it should be.”

Courage Under Fire

Ryun’s book often reads like a spy novel or a thriller (which were also components to this fight), but what makes it truly palpable is emotion.

Milley-tary Musings

Thus privilege shall perish, and from the remaining rubble you can thank the very model of a modern SJW!