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Clint Eastwood Ahead of the Curve on the FBI

Sharp-eyed viewers will catch the foundational message of "Richard Jewell" in the caption on a poster hanging on the wall in a defense attorney’s office: “The government scares me more than terrorists.”

Finding America
Among the Ruins

In a short re-dedication of his novel, The Virginian, Owen Wister wrote: “If this book be anything more than an American story, it is an expression of American faith.” Such a faith lies in the ruins with the book.

Baby, It’s Still Prudish Outside

“It’s your body and your choice” is prudery, to be sure, but it also represents a kind of nihilism that dead-bolts the mind. When that prevails, with no apology to Don McLean, that’s the day the music dies.

A ‘Farm Kid’ Thwarts the Coup

“That’s why the establishment, the press, the permanent bureaucracy, the tech oligarchs, the urban aristocrats, the Deep State and all the rest of the ugly beautiful people, will never forgive Devin Nunes,” Lee Smith writes in his dynamite new book. “It belittled them that he didn’t care he wasn’t their sort but was proud to be a farm kid.”

The Marvel Harriet Tubman

By choosing to give its marvelous heroine the comic-book treatment, “Harriet” can’t decide if it wants to be a serious biography or the female “Black Panther.”

Silicon Age Theatre

It’s important to tread carefully lest one gets “worked” one way or another by this vaudevillian. What The Pervert presents is the idea that better people will make a better system. The mindset is that we must become worthy to transcend what’s prescribed.

Emma Watson and
the ‘Self-Love’ Scam

The imagined emancipation of dispensing with “unsatisfying relationships” to be alone smacks not of wisdom but of entitlement, bitterness, and unrealistic expectations of perfection from life partners. 

Pagan Son

On its face, Bunker Spreckels’ story is that of a young man who seems to have been born to die, of a boy who flew too close to the sun with wings of feathers and wax, of greatness stunted by greatness as it only could be.