Unity: A Tale of Three Presidents

For the State of the Union address, political strategy would suggest to Mr. Biden that he at least try to rise above the fray and appear more like a statesman than a stump speaker. It was not to be.

The Scorpion, the Frog—and Biden

Adam Smith said there’s a lot of ruin in a country. If Biden and his fellow scorpions raise corporate taxes, this country may discover how much ruin there is, and we all may go the way of the frog.

Angry Joe Rallies His Partisans

Biden's address was ineffective if the goal was to unite the country, win over undecided voters, impress the public with his reputed empathy, or explain the desirability of his policies.

The 25th Amendment RIP

Biden’s incompetence is precisely what the 25th Amendment was meant to address. The problem is that the Biden courtiers' power and influence depend on keeping Biden where he is.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is Over

It has been clear since Joe Biden took the oath of office—and long before that—that he was never in charge of his mental faculties, let alone the country.

Joe Biden’s Scary Speech on Jan. 6

Given that Biden has among the lowest favorability numbers ever recorded for a sitting president, he cannot make the election about his achievements. Because he has none that warrant his reelection.