Race-Baiting Biden Renews His Favorite Playbook In 2024

There are very few things we don’t already know about Joseph Robinette Biden.

Almost none of them are positive qualities.

We know that he will literally say and do anything, no matter how dishonest or unethical, if it means staying in power at all costs.

We know that he has no problem lying about his supposedly “stellar” academic record or easily verifiable events—if he thinks it will lend him more credibility with a block of voters.

We know that Biden is a plagiarist, shamelessly stealing entire lines from Robert F. Kennedy and Neil Kinnock and hoping no one will notice. Disgraced former Harvard President and raging anti-Semite Claudine Gay must be very proud of Biden’s “academic integrity.”

We know Biden’s family is corrupt and that they have used his proximity to power to enrich themselves. In case The Washington Post and the rest of the Leftist corporate media still think there’s “no evidence” of wrongdoing, maybe they can try explaining how a career politician and his family managed to rake in over $24 million during a five-year period from 2014 to 2019 from countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan—without providing any tangible services.

We also know that Biden has built his entire career on race-baiting and lying about his “civil rights record” in a pathetic attempt to gain credibility with the black community.

Biden has repeatedly claimed that he was arrested on a trip to South Africa in the 1970s while attempting to meet with Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned on Robben Island at the time. Aside from the fact that not a single person has ever been able to corroborate Biden’s ridiculous story, the township of Soweto, where he maintained he was arrested, is more than 760 miles from Robben Island.

Apparently, geography is not one of Biden’s strongest qualities either.

On several other occasions, Biden has also falsely claimed that he picketed the last segregated movie theater in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1965. Yet, according to the book Historic Theaters of Delaware, the Rialto theater that Biden supposedly picketed had already begun admitting black patrons in 1963, meaning Biden was two years late to the party.

While we always knew Biden was willfully dishonest, what we did not know until this past week is that his strategy for the 2024 race would mirror the exact same playbook that he used to run his failed 1988 campaign—the same campaign where he was forced to drop out for telling one George Santos like whopper after another.

The reason for this is twofold. Biden can’t run on his disastrous record, and second, his popularity with the black community has dropped considerably during his presidency. According to a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll, Biden now has the support of just 63% of Black voters, a steep decline from the 87% he enjoyed in 2020.

If that poll is anywhere close to accurate, it’s game over for Biden, which is why he’s resorting to his old dirty tricks.

In 1986, Biden delivered one of his trademark divisive speeches at the 77th Annual NAACP Convention, in which he accused then President Ronald Reagan and conservatives in general of being white supremacists who were supposedly bitter over the black community making advancements in their quality of life.

Here is what Biden said:

Our enemies on the right used these initiatives to regain the initiative. To the nation, they cast the civil rights debate in terms of black children being able to move ahead, only if white children were forced to slide behind. They convinced the poor white in the same circumstance in as much need as the poor black that black progress meant his job. They convinced the fair-minded middle-class white, that progress and education for black children could come only at the expense of his child getting a chance to go to college.

Naturally, those were repugnant accusations for Biden to make. But if the Democrat operatives tell you to rile up the base, then Biden will always fall right in line. Making a group of people so outraged at an enemy that does not actually exist and then trying to convince them that you’re the only person who can “protect them” is one of the most disgusting things a politician can do.

And yet, here we are nearly 40 years later, and Biden’s divisive rhetoric is virtually identical to the speech he gave at the NAACP Convention. According to Biden, the country and Republicans remain as racist as ever.

Here is what he said on January 8, 2024, at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina:

The lies that led to January 6 are part of a broader attack on the truth [sic] America today that we all have seen before. The same movement that, throughout the mob at the United States Capitol, isn’t just trying to rewrite history of January 6, they’re trying to determine [sic] to erase history and your future: banning books; denying your right to vote and have it counted; destroying diversity, equality, inclusion all across America; harboring hate and replacing hope with anger and resentment and a dangerous view of America. That narrow view of America, a zero-sum view of America that says, ‘If you win, I lose. If you succeed, it must be I failed. If you get ahead, I fall behind.’ And maybe worst of all, ‘If I hold you down, I lift myself up.’ That’s not new in America. Every stride forward has often been met with ferocious backlashes from those who fear the progress, from those who exploit that fear for their own personal gain, from those who traffic in lies told for profit and power.

What Biden is doing here could not be more obvious. Not only is he projecting what he himself is guilty of, but virtually every single word that he said is a lie.

For the record, the only books that are being “banned” are ones that have inappropriate sexual content that have no business being in any school library or classroom, let alone in an elementary one. But if Biden wants to defend sexual perversion, that’s his prerogative.

And according to Biden, requiring American citizens to present a valid form of ID at the polls instead of allowing Democrat operatives to collect thousands of unverified ballots and dump them in an unsupervised drop-box is akin to “denying” them the right to vote.

Surely, Biden knows these statements are flat-out falsehoods, but none of that matters to him. All that matters is that he convinces enough black voters to turn out on election day—or likely weeks before election day now—so that “he alone” can protect them from those evil white supremacist Republicans.

Given how divided the country already is, this is a truly reprehensible tactic.

Then again, it’s entirely consistent with the kind of man Biden has always been.

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