Joe Biden’s Presidency is Over

One could effectively make the case that Joe Biden’s presidency ended on January 20th, 2021—the same day he was inaugurated. It has been clear since he took the oath of office—and long before that—that he was never in charge of his mental faculties, let alone the country.

We have long known that Biden was always a figurehead for a radical administration that has put America last while putting our enemies first.

There has not been a single day of his presidency in which Biden has exhibited even the most basic level of mental competence, alacrity, or physical readiness.

Failing to figure out how to exit a stage after virtually every single gaffe-prone 7-minute speech, forgetting the name of your Secretary of Defense, hiding from the propaganda press that bends over backwards for every Democrat, or constantly spewing gibberish doesn’t help dispel the myth that Biden is in fact the one making decisions from the Oval Office.

To be clear, diminished mental acuity and all, Biden certainly deserves the blame for allowing his handlers to destroy our country, because with whatever compromised willpower still remains, he could have tried to prevent the radicals in his administration from pursuing their disastrous agenda.

But instead, he decided to go to the beach and spend roughly 40 percent of his presidency on vacation, while the people in charge of Biden decided that we would no longer have a border that was worth defending—and anyone who wanted to come here, no matter how dangerous or threatening to our national security, should be able to do so.

The people in charge of Biden decided that they would pay government contractors not to finish building the wall after the materials and equipment had already been fully paid for by the previous administration—because walls are racist.

The people in charge of Biden decided that we would pull our troops out of Afghanistan regardless of how dangerous the situation on the ground was. After all, it was the 20th anniversary of 9/11, so time to pull the plug and declare victory in the “war on terror.”

The people in charge of Biden decided that they would cozy up to Iran, unfreeze sanctions, allow them to continue building their nuclear capabilities, and let them continuously attack our military with minimal pushback while getting absolutely nothing in return.

The people in charge of Biden decided that they would blame Israel for having the nerve to defend itself in the wake of the deadliest attack against the Jewish people since the Holocaust—and would still have the temerity to utter the words “two-state solution,” while innocent Israelis and Americans are still being held hostage by barbaric Hamas terrorists.

The people in charge of Biden decided that race-baiting and further dividing the country was the type of “unity” he would bring to the White House.

The people in charge of Biden decided that they would collude with radical leftist prosecutors and attempt to jail the former president of the United States and his leading political opponent over nonexistent crimes.

But what the people in charge of Biden probably did not realize is that his presidency would effectively end on the evening of February 8, 2024.

That was when Biden, perhaps for the first time since he became president, likely decided not to listen to his handlers and chose to give a primetime address to the nation—in response to the damning release of a special counsel report into his mishandling of classified documents—in a failed effort to reassure the American people that he is not a senile old man who does not remember such mundane life details, including when he became the vice president or when his son died.

It does not so much matter that Special Counsel Robert Hur inexplicably declined to prosecute Biden for his reckless behavior, which he described as overwhelming “evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen.”

What matters is that Biden not only did nothing to reassure the public that he is fully with it, but he arguably made things worse by forgetting where the rosary he wears in honor of his son came from, angrily snapping at reporters as though his meds were wearing off, and conflating the president of Egypt with the president of Mexico when talking about the conflict in the Middle East.

It is not an overstatement to conclude that the primetime address that Biden gave on Thursday evening was likely the single worst public appearance for any president in the modern TV era.

As of this writing, it is difficult to quantify just how bad it was, but it is hard to imagine that with an abysmal performance like that, Biden will remain on the Democratic ticket.

In the event that he somehow does remain on the ballot, it is almost impossible to imagine him receiving a plurality of the electoral vote.

For all intents and purposes, Joe Biden’s presidency is over.

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About Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is the pseudonym for a writer who was a speechwriter in the Trump Administration.

Photo: TOPSHOT - US President Joe Biden speaks during a Democratic National Committee reception supporting Val Demings, Democratic Senatorial candidate for Florida, and Charlie Crist, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate for Florida, at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, Florida, on November 1, 2022. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

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  1. Avatar for task task says:

    It’s beyond comprehension how someone so confused and incapable of performing basic functions required to live, using even a minimum of cerebral aptitude, can be considered an exception to the 25th Amendment and continue to remain America’s President despite a thousand paramount ills that the country must surmount which requires the best and the brightest. This, and this alone, is proof of a superpower republic in rapid decline. This emperor clearly has no clothes. And the body we all see is exceptionally and exceedingly disgusting. And what is even more serious is what that says about the people who support him!

  2. Yes, Biden is definitely the perfect candidate for the 25th amendment, however, I like the strategy of letting the Democrats live with the guy they told us was perfectly fine. Let them put him on the ballot, why should we, the Republicans bail them out of their colossal mistake.

  3. Carpe Diem is correct about everything except that the neo-Marxists running this country don’t give back power over a lost election.

    And Marxists never allow fair elections, if they allow them at all.

  4. Although those who control Joe Biden remain in power and can continue to do enormous damage, as the author contends, his presidency is effectively over. Any sentient American realizes that he is a mere pawn in control of nothing.

    His administration is over. Unless the stupid party rescues him, all that is left is the twisting in the wind.

  5. A bet upon the sentience of even a plurality of Americans is one that I would hesitate to take. What was on offer was pretty clear before.

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