Articles by Chuck de Caro

Honoring ‘Captain Outrageous’

Friday morning, my wife, former CNN Headline News anchor Lynne Russell, and I were on the small list of invitees for the dedication of the original CNN headquarters, which had been a disused country club on Techwood Drive in Atlanta until Ted Turner transformed it into the greatest news organization in the world. Forty years […]

A Tale of Three Bridges

Friday’s terrorist knife attack on London Bridge by a prematurely released ISIS terrorist points out the fallacy of the strict gun control laws, about which the British are very serious—as are liberals of all stripes in the United States. When gun control laws are in effect, citizens who are faced with a lethal threat—in this […]

Chris Cuomo, CNN’s Cafone

Why, oh why, does Chris Cuomo still have a job? Once again Son Of, Brother Of (SOBO) has turned CNN into a laughing stock and set back the reputation of  American males of Italian descent by 50 years or so. In case you missed it—and given CNN’s ratings lately, unless you happened to be trapped […]

Our Ambassadors Used to be Made of Sterner Stuff

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was busy leading the witness, former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, when she spoke the precise words he was trying to elicit: “Very intimidating.” Upon hearing that emotional reaction to a presidential tweet, one might wonder just how much the State Department standard for what counts as “intimidating” and […]

So Much Hot Air About California’s Wildfires

To hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tell it, the wildfires that ravaged California throughout October were the result of climate change. And nothing else. “This is what climate change looks like,” the whangdoodle freshman New York Democrat tweeted. “The GOP like (sic) to mock scientific warnings about climate change as exaggeration. But just look around: it’s already […]

Mother Zucker’s Amazing
CNN Puppet Show

Jeff “Mother” Zucker, the CNN president and noted ventriloquist, has once again made his dummies so lifelike that viewers actually think they have minds of their own. Just last month, Mother Zucker used the IFB (interrupt for broadcast) earphone technique to control Jake Tapper’s lips in his live interview with Kellyanne Conway. What showmanship! Is […]

Adam Schiff and Echoes of the McMinn County War

Last week, two dozen Republican representatives led by U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida crashed the ersatz Star Chamber established by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to demonstrate the need for transparency in the Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump. Now the House is scheduled to vote Thursday on a resolution to “provide […]

Four-Star Twit Tweets Twaddle

It seems that the former Clinton Administration cabinet member, Barry McCaffrey, who had a so-so record as drug czar, is annoyed with the actions of President Trump. In a much-discussed 39-word tweet, McCaffrey, a retired and highly decorated U.S. Army general, has managed to confabulate the president’s cancellation of government subscriptions of hard-copy editions of […]

The Trump Mutiny, Starring Bill McRaven

First, I should say that I knew, liked, and admired Admiral William McRaven and still do, very much so. We first met in the 1990s when I was a contract lecturer on information warfare for the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center mobile training team assigned to his command in Coronado, California. Later, I met with […]

CNN’s Jeff Zucker:
A Ventriloquist for Dummies

When I was a six-year-old, I loved “The Paul Winchell Show,” because Winchell could make his dummies so lifelike and believable that you thought they had a mind of their own. Winchell would put one of two wooden dummies on his lap, a well dressed, skinny smart one named Jerry Mahoney and a short, fat, bald […]

How to Trump Iran

When it comes to stupidity, the mullahs of Iran have few rivals. They have used Yemeni proxies to attack the Saudi Arabian oil production facilities at Abqaiq in a carefully calibrated strike meant to spur a jump in global oil prices—a crap-shoot bid to bolster revenue for their teetering nation. Note that this was not […]

The Micro Machismo of Jorge Ramos

The diminutive Jorge Ramos, Univision anchor and noted Spanish-language whangdoodle, while posturing to maximize his pandering at last Thursday’s Democratic presidential primary debate, addressed the audience partly in Spanish. “Este también es nuestro país,” he said. Translation: “This is our country, too.” At that moment, in a quiet cemetery outside of Oyster Bay, New York, […]

CNN Goes Kamikaze . . . Again!

CNN’s Jim “Divine Windbag” Sciutto has plunged the network into a journalistic Kamikaze explosion worse—much worse—than the immensely flawed 1998 Tailwind fiasco. That awful bungle 21-years-ago led to the firings of producers April Oliver and Jack Smith, the resignation of senior producer Pamela Hill, and the only-slightly-gentler departure of Pulitzer Prize-winner and 18-year-veteran Peter Arnett. […]

What Do You Mean, ‘We’?

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, the former congressman from Texas who couldn’t beat Ted Cruz in a U.S. Senate race but who nevertheless believes he can win the presidency, said a curious thing at the Democrats’ third primary debate in Houston on Thursday night. “Hell yes,” he said, “we’ll take your AR-15 and your AK-47 . […]

How to ‘Inconvenience’ Walmart’s ‘Semi-Woke’ CEO

Walmart is too good a resource for many Americans to commit to a boycott of its 4,759 stores, which have sprung up across our country like triffids: Those plants from science fiction that seemed initially beneficial, apparently benign, but eventually . . . maybe not so good. For those of us who feel we have […]

A Bedtime Story: Doug McMillon, The Walmart Jabberwock

Well boys and girls, there once was a man named Lewis Carroll, the creator of Alice in Wonderland, who would be bemused as Walmart re-creates some of his other fanciful characters, starting with CEO Doug McMillon, The Walmart Jabberwock. Heretofore relatively unknown politically, save for attempting to head off an Arkansas religious freedom law, Dougie […]

An Open Letter to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

Dear Doug: While I, too, am shaken by the magnitude of the tragedies that have occurred at Walmart stores, I am dismayed at what seems to be your sometimes incongruous response. Before I point out what I see as non sequiturs in your company’s decision to stop selling ammunition for handguns and certain rifles, let […]

CNN Goes Kamikaze

Jeff “Mother” Zucker, head of CNN, showed his fearless leadership style by hiring deep-state flameout Andrew McCabe. But the move also cast him in a new role as heir to the infamous Captain Motoharu Okamura of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Zucker once proudly proclaimed: “I think it’s the sign of a leader to step up […]

The ‘Fredo’ Factor

Back in 1983, when CNN meant Cable News Network and not “Complete Nonsense Network,” I was CNN’s very first special assignments correspondent. So, as a former CNN guy—a 100 percent Italian-American male who speaks better Italian and better English than Chris Cuomo—I was flabbergasted that a CNN host of the same Italian-American extraction would have […]