Articles by Jack Kerwick

Why Trump (and the GOP) Must Do Better

ecently, I wrote at American Greatness about the need for President Trump to up his game. That article elicited some thought-provoking responses. Before offering my counter-responses, and for the benefit of new readers, I will summarize both my initial position as well as the criticisms directed at it. I will also take this occasion to […]

The Imperative to Think in the COVID-19 Era

he world can be a lonely place for those of us who suspect that the coronavirus pandemic or “crisis” is little more than a pretext by which, practically overnight, those who have long been aching for it executed nothing less than “the fundamental transformation” of America. It’s been that much lonelier given that, up until […]

Big Conservatism and the Moment of Decision

The arena of contemporary American politics is a confused place. And so-called conservatives—Republican politicians, yes, but, particularly, those in the mainstream “conservative media” or Big Conservatism—are especially confused. Historically, within the West, there can be discerned two rival ideal political types between which discourse and practice have oscillated.  On the one hand, politics has been […]

Resisting the Politics of Victimhood

We are a self-contradictory people. In our private lives, we affirm, or at least speak as if we affirm, the virtues of personal responsibility, self-reliance, self-discipline, wisdom, humility, generosity, and justice. These are the virtues that we strive to instill in our children. With an eye to this end, we appropriate measures to thwart the […]

We Are All White Supremacists Now

Darren Beattie received his Ph. D. from Duke University in 2016. Almost immediately upon completion of his degree, he signed a one-year contract to be an instructor in Duke’s political science department. That same year, I met Beattie at a conference in Baltimore, Maryland sponsored by the H. L. Mencken Club. We had both been […]

NeverTrump “Conservative” Michael Medved: A Look Back

Now that Donald Trump has had what is, by many accounts,  an astonishingly successful first year—according to the Heritage Foundation, at any rate, an even more successful year than the one enjoyed by sainted Ronald Reagan—it is worth looking back on just how spectacularly wrong were some of the president’s “conservative” critics. This is a […]

#MeToo: Fallout from the Sexual Revolution

The #MeToo campaign has far-reaching implications for both feminism and the so-called sexual revolution to which feminism gave rise. First, today’s  feminist affirms a model of womanhood that is, or is supposed to be, radically at odds with what she takes to be the traditional, patriarchal stereotype from which feminists have (allegedly) liberated women. Feminist […]

Pence-Weinstein Phenomenon Exposes Contradictions of Feminism

Time has bestowed its “Person of the Year Award” to “the silence breakers”—those who, according to USA Today, “triggered a #MeToo national outcry over sexual harassment.” This #MeToo campaign is a peculiar thing to behold. First, so many of the men who have been accused of sexual improprieties are left-leaning men, while their accusers appear […]

Sexual Misconduct, Feminism, and the ‘Roy Moore Rule’

From what we know about the allegations of sexual misconduct in the news recently, there is no reason to doubt that some are legitimate, or that others are likely to turn out to be false. Leaving this question of truth and falsity aside, however,  the commentary on this latest manifestation of the phenomenon of sexual […]

Who’s the Con: Trump or . . . Ann Coulter?

As long ago as April 2011, I argued Donald Trump would stand a good chance of winning if he decided to make a serious run for the White House. My “excitement over the prospects of a Trump presidency” was “mounting” back then. Yet from that time and throughout Trump’s 2016 campaign, I have been at […]

Fake News Sure Didn’t Start With Trump

Contrary to the narrative of Donald Trump’s friends and foes alike, the phenomenon of “fake news” long precedes the 2016 presidential election, even if the moniker is of a fairly recent vintage. To deem an item reported by journalists a piece of “fake news” is not necessarily to say that it is patently false. Of […]

James Hodgkinson, the Left, and Degrees of Moral Responsibility

In response to a recent article of mine on James Hodgkinson—the Bernie Sanders supporter and despiser of all things Republican who attempted to assassinate Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia on June 14—a reader who self-identified as being “as far right as it gets” accused me of going “UNDER the gutter” for implicating the Democrats and […]

Who are the Real “Snowflakes,” Leftists or Conservatives?

The country is in a new era. Unfortunately, far too many of those who have grown comfortable as prominent spokespersons of the “conservative” media either don’t or won’t notice this. These self-avowed “conservatives”—they have been on radio and television airwaves for years—continue to prattle on as if it was 1994. They continue to mock their […]

The Vast Left-Wing Russia Conspiracy Exposed

The Democrats and their accomplices in the Republican Party have peddled the vast left-wing conspiracy that the president and Vladimir Putin “colluded” with one another in the months leading up to Election Day since late last summer.   Though I have already spilled exponentially more ink on this topic than it deserves, a few more […]

Christophobia and Islamophobia

“Islamophobia” is a real problem. Or so we’re led to believe by the usual suspects in the grievance industry par excellence, the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC). It’s a problem because, it is tirelessly declared, “Islamophobia” is only going to create more Islamic “extremists.” An article from a December 2015 edition of The Independent represents this all too […]

Three Ways to Fight Back Against the Left

Not long ago, I heard a conversation on a nationally syndicated radio program between the host and a writer for the New York Post. Both were supporters of President Trump. Referring to the relentless intensity of the opposition to the president from the Left, the host asked his guest whether  the madness will soon have to come to […]

These Losers Aren’t Just Sore, But Vicious

From very early on in this election season, and especially since Donald Trump became the Republican presidential nominee, I’ve looked forward to the day when he would win the presidency and I could gloat in the smug faces of all of the Hillary Clinton supporters (and NeverTrumpers) who spared no occasion to assure America that Trump […]