The Left-Right Divide Is About Reality Itself

The Left-Right divide in America is, unfortunately, unbridgeable. There are three reasons. First, we are divided by our vision of what we want America to be. The Right believes the Founders' vision was brilliant and moral, that bourgeois middle-class values are superior to alternative value systems; that rights come from God, not man; and that the state

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The Right Wing Is
Anti-Government Again

I recently watched the “Waco” miniseries, which premiered last year on the 25th anniversary of the siege, and is now available on Amazon Prime. The production was well done, made a fair attempt to show multiple perspectives, and reminded me of how powerful the image of a church being assaulted and then burning to the

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Bureaucratic Rule: By What Right?

Americans are just beginning to realize that opposition to Donald Trump is the least explanation for what bureaucrats, corporate officials and media magnates have been doing to negate the outcome of the 2016 election. Denying that government by the people is the only legitimate form of rule, they are asserting that legitimate rule flows from

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How We Colored Our Public Squares Red

Reports tell us that church attendance among Americans is falling. I am acquainted with secular professors who apparently have learned nothing from the experiences of atheistic social experiments in the last century. Social experiments, I say, and not societies, because such monstrosities as Soviet Russia and Red China were never social enough to raise the

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Our Republic Is Under Attack from the Admirals and Generals

Retired Admiral William McRaven’s recent opinion column in the New York Times is one of several recent indicators of how anti-republican (note the small “r”) our military leadership has become. First, as Brandon J. Weichert so ably pointed out in these pages the other day, the military’s pathetic conduct in response to a predictable and

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The Perils of Praetorianism

From the time of Augustus Caesar until Constantine, the Roman emperor was protected by a corps of soldiers known as the Praetorian Guard. Over time, the Praetorians became the real power in Rome, appointing and deposing emperors at will. In our time, praetorianism has come to mean despotic military rule, something associated with countries in

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