The Talibwoke 

The monument-destroying American Left is much like that of the Taliban, and portends the same dangers.

Dissenting from Woke Superstition 

There will be an opportunity to finally discredit our modern religion of wokeism, and to build anew on its collapse with creditable notions of both the natural and the supernatural. 

The Island of Dr. Fauci

If the 20th century should have taught us anything, it is to never trust doctors in or adjacent to politics. 

Wokeism as Salem Daydream

Wokism is a child of Salem’s twisted gospel, a radicalized version of the Christianity, rooted in a tapestry of heresies and perversions of the Christian faith.

Valediction Contradiction

The president looked positively toward the future. But he failed in his farewell address to warn Americans of the dangers ahead.

Some Kind of Gestapo

Democrats, with the help of many Republicans, appear to be falling back on “some kind of Gestapo,” and let’s not credit it with being directed humanely.

Money, Money, Money

In our recent election, counties representing 70 percent of gross domestic product voted for an oligarchic coalition of progressives, Big Tech, and Big Finance.

Geezers’ Palace

The etiquette of deferring to age has to give way for a time until age again defers to youth and the future.

Aloha, Electors!

If the Supreme Court will not provide a remedy in the Texas lawsuit, what is the remedy? A law is not a law if it does not provide a remedy.

Blitzkrieg Ballots

The blitz is on! Is there sufficient time between Election Day and certification to allow a challenge based on the general conduct of the election affecting a very large number of votes?

Foxed Up Beyond All Recognition

Fox News—with programming led by Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and Sean Hannity—remained through the 2020 campaign the only large venue for diverse, if biased, information. That ended on Election Night.

Secession, Succession, and Concession

People cannot trust their lives, their families, and their welfare to majoritarian politics without unanimity as to their character as one people. Democrats have all but abandoned that understanding.