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Ashley Hamilton is an artist and father, who lives in Malibu and seeks to express the truth through his work.


When did the CIA—an agency that makes the DMV look like a model of efficiency—lose its reputation for secrecy and stop its agents from selling state secrets? When did it cease to leak data—and prevent work-related deaths—so its headquarters would not become the Deepwater Horizon of the federal government? How did an agency too big

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A Final Howl for Harlan Ellison

One of two things explains the New York Times’ belated (by 15 hours) online obituary of the author Harlan Ellison, which I first saw on Facebook by way of a post from Variety. Either the Times’ servers achieved consciousness and organized a metaphorical walkout against management, a news item suppressed by the paper since the

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Death by Slide Deck: The Threat to Office Safety

Ask me to name the two worst inventions of the late 20th century, whose existence continues to threaten the lives of free and enslaved peoples alike, from Americans to Russians to Indians and Pakistanis to Israelis and Iranians, and I will cite neither the proliferation of nuclear weapons nor the popularization of the internal combustion

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Does Jonathan Nolan Dream of Electric Sheep?

Ever wonder what a disgruntled, former Disney Imagineer does when his severance ends and his half-finished sexbot lies in a trash can outside The Hall of Presidents? Me neither. If, however, you find an animatronic George Washington—sans dentures—and a beardless Abraham Lincoln, call Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator of HBO’s “Westworld.” Ask him to wax philosophical,

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