The Peace to Begin All Wars

It was a punitive peace, filled with malice and free of magnanimity. It was a victory as unchristian as it was uncharitable, enacted by moralists […]

On Not Missing Paul Ryan

Before Paul Ryan boxes up his library of P90X DVDs and paperback copies of the collected works of Ayn Rand, before he relinquishes his gavel […]

Facebook’s Book of Lies

What do you get when you intersperse the ominous-sounding narration of PBS’s “Frontline” with the patois of a (Silicon) Valley Girl, whose resume belies her […]

The Crime of Certainty

The brightness of a good idea is no less blinding than the darkness of a bad ideology. Either can enrapture the mind with visions of […]

The Horror of the Swamp

Forget draining the swamp. Forget trying to conquer a city whose entrenchments and fortifications are more abstract than actual, whose spirit is as intemperate as […]