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About Ashley Hamilton

Ashley Hamilton is an artist and father, who lives in Malibu and seeks to express the truth through his work.

Back to School: Student Loan Debt and Crony Capitalism

Whenever I drive past UCLA, with its Romanesque buildings and banners of blue and gold; whenever I see the steps and street lamps that line the campus; whenever I follow the red-orange road that criss-crosses the grounds; I ask myself: How do they do it? How do college students control their workload––and not lose

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‘The Shape of Water’: So Many Beautiful Drops to Drink

Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award-nominated director of The Shape of Water, should get an Oscar for the entertainment value alone. Even better, let him host this year’s Academy Awards and allow him to remake the show by recreating the nature of the award itself. He would transform that golden statuette into a

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On the Road Again: Fixing America’s Infrastructure

There is no road ahead for America without the roadways of America: the literal highways that form our Interstate Highway System. Those highways are the great achievement of President Eisenhower and a chance for our current president to achieve greatness in his own right. Repairing those highways would be a stroke of genius

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Perchance to DREAM: What Immigrants May Come—and Stay

Somewhere between the Hyde Park section of Chicago (in a subterranean vault fit to withstand a nuclear blast) and a moving truck stranded on Highway 240 outside Badlands National Park—somewhere between there and here are the two most important exhibits of the (to-be-constructed) Barack Obama Presidential Center: his phone and his pen. The

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The Churchill We Deserve

The scene: The light of a cathedral radio as regal as it is reverential, with its faceplate set aglow, while kith and kin listen to the crackle of a fireside chat instead of gathering before the crackle of an evening fire. They assemble before this cabinet of twisted columns and hand-carved slots, and

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