Kangaroo Justice for Kavanaugh

The Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee should surrender their law degrees and reimburse (with interest) Yale and Georgetown, respectively, for their commission of […]

Going Bananas over Apple

With its debut of three new iPhones, Apple continues its descent from a great awakening of light to a grand distraction of 30 million lights. […]

U.S. News & World Distort

I never went to college. I was too distracted, too dyslexic, and too disruptive—in and outside the classroom—to discipline myself to study. Where others saw […]

Warren for President

I relapsed yesterday, or so I thought, while reading David Leonhardt’s column in the New York Times. So great was my initial reaction of triumph, […]

House Dress Hillary

What do you call—rather, whom should you call when a 70-year-old woman in a house dress and slippers storms the stage at a conference in […]

Mad Men and That Woman

If we have so little patience for advertising, why do we obsess over political advertising? Why do we claim to be immune from the ministrations […]