End Times for Time Magazine

From Men of the Year to Person of the Year. From the men who slipped the surly bonds of Earth and touched the heart of all mankind, who touched the heavens and read the words of our Father who art in heaven, who touched the pages of the oldest book—who turned to the verses of the Old Testament—to tell the tale about the newest journey in man’s long climb from the swamp to the stars, who touched the light while they spoke of the first day when God said: Let there be light.

From this trio of heroes—from this trinity of hope—Time magazine has reversed course.

One of its Persons of the Year, Jamal Khashoggi, was a victim of horrible violence, but he was no man of virtue.

He was a journalist in name only. His murder was unconscionable, but he was no prisoner of conscience.

The crime committed against him was scandalous, but the bigger scandal is the crime printed by Time on its cover, its cover-up concerning an apologist for Islamist terror, its cover story on behalf of an ally of the forces of ignorance and intolerance, its coverage of a spiritual accomplice to evil.

By labeling this man a “guardian,” as if he were a reporter of truth; as if his last will and testament were a bequest to not only enable others to report the truth but to have them revolt against a kingdom of lies; as if his reports were as holy as his people’s holiest book, whose verses appeal to the satanic impulses of jihadists worldwide; by making this man into a martyr, Time is no longer a guardian against the yellow fever of fake news and newspeak.

Its time is over.

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