A New Year of Resolution Versus Defiance

Congressional Democrats have but one resolution: to undo the president. Do not bemoan their cause, because they intend to keep their word—their newest members never hid their intentions from the public—regarding their desire to investigate the president, to impeach the president, to have a grand jury indict the president.

Do not belabor their promise to do these things. Do not belittle their power to pursue these things, as they have the means to slow if not stop this presidency, as they mean to end this presidency by upending it in fights they can win, as they mean to win until a Democrat wins the White House.

Do, however, ask Republicans the following questions: Will you work to halt this effort or will you do nothing but watch it advance? Will you help Democrats by pretending to be helpless before a force that is irresistible only because you are not immovable in your objections to these attacks?

Their answers will determine not just the fate of a president but faith in our ability to diminish, never mind drain, a swamp where all others acquiesce to the unnatural order of things.

It is a reversible order, made unnatural by the denial of human nature; made acceptable by the refusal to recognize the nature of institutionalized power; made invasive by the investigative power of the state; made more powerful by the swamp itself whose powers expand with each expansion by the powers that be.

We must, indeed, all drain the swamp together or, most assuredly, we shall all drown separately.

Photo credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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