Playing Catch With A Ghost

Anyone who cares about the present and future of black America should look at ways to strengthen families, not grouse about supposed exclusion.

The True Jackie Robinson

In the MLB’s and media’s coverage of the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s major league debut, there is much that is forgotten.

Chivalry Is Dead? No Kidding

Sexual indifference inevitably leads to a toxic  ingratitude and a severance of the sexes, a celebration of women as apart from and against their brothers.

The UFC Fights On

Once America’s most reviled sport, mixed martial arts seized center stage as the UFC continued staging live events while every other professional sports league took a knee on the sidelines.

Scorch the Field

It is good for us to play sometimes, and not fight. In reality, people are united by what the political utilitarian cannot recognize: by play and song and worship.

The NHL Gets Woke

In what sense do professional hockey players “skate for black lives”? How does hockey, whether played well or poorly (or at all), “end racism” or bring about “better days”? Does the act of playing hockey “fix” racism?