Articles by A.J. Rice

Beware of Mark Cuban

ichael Bloomberg wasn’t able to buy the Democratic nomination. Maybe another billionaire leftist—Mark Cuban—will have better luck buying the Democratic nominee. Cuban certainly has been carrying water for Joe Biden—or at least, for Biden’s policies, which amounts to the same thing. He hasn’t taken a knee—yet—in support of the rioters who are so upset about […]

The Virus Is Speaking Chinese

magine this scenario: You have a bunch of kids on a school bus. Most of them, all but one, are behaving themselves. They’re bathing regularly. Brushing their teeth. They’re not going around touching everyone else. They’re not acting up, not sneezing on other kids, or getting in anyone else’s face or causing problems. But then […]

The Swamp Goes to the World Series

Real sports fans take their teams with them. Even when they move to work for the federal government.  Nothing brings Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, and Phillies fans together better than a bar full of sloppy K Street Nationals fans because no one is actually from D.C.—though too many do acclimate to this swampy place. Wander […]

We Need Bullies So We Can Be Heroes

For decades now, public schools and society at large have fretted about how to stop bullying. At some point in the 1990s, some time around the Columbine High School massacre, bullying became a public crisis. Public crises must have a government program, which must have a logo, and must have posters and handouts and a […]

How I Did Not Meet Your Mother

The produce aisle has become a minefield; church isn’t safe—and the workplace is far more dangerous than ever. If this continues, the species may not. No joke. Men and women used to meet—and sometimes flirt—at such places. Often, they ended up married. Ronald Reagan met Nancy on a movie set; so did Ayn Rand (who […]

The Chernobyl Primary, An Inevitable Accident

The recent HBO miniseries, Chernobyl, tells the story of two disasters. There’s the story of the reactor explosion at the shoddily built and incompetently operated nuclear power plant at Chernobyl near Kiev in the spring of 1986—which poisoned an entire city, forced its permanent evacuation and spread radioactive fallout all over Europe. And there’s the […]

Will The Woke Mafia Whack Tony Soprano?

This year marks two decades since television was changed forever. If “The Sopranos” had been created today instead of in the late ‘90s, would Tony Soprano be a kinder, gentler, more virtue signaling mob boss? Could the scriptwriters even mention “made men,” or would it need to be a gender-neutral pronoun? What about all of […]

Memo to Amazon: Free Woody from #MeToo Jail

It’s time for a jailbreak. Every year from 1969 to 2017, auteur filmmaker Woody Allen released a movie. Every single year. Many of them were masterpieces. “Bullets Over Broadway,” “Hannah and Her Sisters,” “Annie Hall,” “Manhattan,” and “Match Point” are among what I consider his works of genius. Not all of Allen’s films were great, […]

Lindsey Graham’s Finest Moment

What is the market value of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina? Priceless. Let me start by saying that I have been paid a lot of money over the years to goof on Lindsey Graham. As a producer for nationally syndicated radio shows hosted by people like Laura Ingraham, Mancow, Monica Crowley, and others, […]