The 13 Percent National Anthem?

If such openly and intentionally divisive actions as showcasing a race-based national anthem and bashing America every waking hour of every day continue, America’s divided house won’t stand.  

The Apotheosis of Apu

The woke Left is using touchy, emotionally unstable, and fragile people to advance an agenda that will end up canceling more than TV shows.

Bane Is on the 2020 Ballot

Bane, the fictional villain from the Batman universe, has risen from the darkness and stands atop the 2020 ballot. He has a D after his name.

Beware of Mark Cuban

Cuban knows his presidential ambitions aren’t going anywhere in a Republican Party led by a victorious Donald Trump. So he'’s lining up with the other party—and the man he hopes will defeat Trump.

Bloomberg, The Miniature Manchurian

In Michael Bloomberg, Democrats have a candidate whose ties to China make him suspect when it comes to American interests. In China, Bloomberg’s interests are not America’s.