Remembering 9/11

Freedom at Any Price

If you prefer safety to freedom, that’s your choice: It’s a free country. But I’m for freedom. That is the essence of America.

Take Off Your Shoes and Run

 When I think about September 11, I remember the courage of those first responders, those who lost their lives, and America’s strength, resilience, patriotism, and commitment to freedom.

Our 9/11 Generation

This should not simply be a day of remembrance. It is the best time—the right time—for reflection and reassessment, a time to ask and answer the question: What are the right lessons to draw?

The Death of Ideology, Not Irony

What politics forbids, politicians foment—namely, absurdity. The absurdity of uniforms. Absurd uniforms born of uniformity of thought, of Blackshirts and Brownshirts, of jodhpurs and jackboots, […]