Ivy League Detention Centers

The cultural illiteracy of this class is of a piece with the moral illiteracy of the jury responsible for this class. To our armories of liberty, students and jurors shrug.

A Prescription for Injustice

The $26 billion legal settlement with three drug companies over opioid abuse is fair and just, while the most unsettling part is the effort to delay justice and deny families just compensation. 

A Viral Load of Crap

That people choose to live a certain way in these COVID times is not proof that a majority of people support the lifestyle.

The 1861 Project

Biden has the power to turn the lyricism of a dream into a long national nightmare of violence and hate, thereby reducing the words of America’s only King to a footnote in the pages of history.

A Year of Lies

The lesson of 2020 is to never yield to the politics of science or the corruption of politics, to be not afraid of organizations that assail the public or mobs that organize to assault the public.

Cuomo and de Blasio to Jews: Drop Dead

The leaders of the Empire State reveal themselves to be imperial in attitude and impious in ambition. Especially to those who deny the “one true faith” that is their politics.

Dancing with Androids

In a new HBO Max sci-fi series, the eyes contain layers of complexity, which is why light is not proof of enlightenment.