Wilson’s War to End Democracy

In Rick Wilson we see a man fitting Teddy Roosevelt’s description of Woodrow Wilson: unable to rise above the cheapest kind of party politics and raise a division for the man in the arena.

Volcker’s Rule

We need a president with political capital to spend and a Federal Reserve Board chairman with the will to tighten the supply of capital, so the pain of austerity may yield the joy of prosperity.

Chicken-Hawk Kyiv

Though we have the might to meet force with force, Ukraine’s fight is not our own. We have no land to conquer and no victory to attain.

With Malice Toward All

Biden’s Christmas message is the most ahistorical and antagonistic message of its kind, for it is without charity or kindness.  

Woodrow Wilson’s World

We are free to choose peace—to keep the peace—with liberty and justice for all Americans. This much—and more—we owe the nation and our veterans.

Ivy League Detention Centers

The cultural illiteracy of this class is of a piece with the moral illiteracy of the jury responsible for this class. To our armories of liberty, students and jurors shrug.

A Prescription for Injustice

The $26 billion legal settlement with three drug companies over opioid abuse is fair and just, while the most unsettling part is the effort to delay justice and deny families just compensation. 

A Viral Load of Crap

That people choose to live a certain way in these COVID times is not proof that a majority of people support the lifestyle.