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Bill Asher is a writer and retired executive. He lives with his family in Massachusetts.

Justice for the Victims

Justice delayed is . . . justice delayed. Not justice denied, because if justice means anything—if America’s criminal justice system is to retain a scintilla of strength from moral rot within and martial enemies from without—if there is a constant to this White House, it is opposition not only to illegal immigration but to immigration

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Amazon Fresh

A suggestion: Until Jeff Bezos develops a conscience, he should rent one. Until Amazon improves Alexa, its voice-activated virtual assistant, so as to make this thing—this plastic speaker with a light ring and a cloth exterior—sound more intelligent than artificial, Bezos should find a real-life Alexa. Perhaps he should hire Disney to create a 3/4-inch

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Jon Meacham’s Nose for Nonsense

Between Tom Friedman’s mustache, which looks like Harry Reems’s mustache, and Jon Meacham’s nose, which looks as big as Reems’s “mustache,” Friedman and Meacham look like a perverse version of Wooly Willy—without the magnetic personality. The two may not look the same, but they sound the same. There they stand: Friedman in his half-zippered fleece,

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Pure Zuckery

Facebook is the claw crane of social media, with fewer prizes. Instead of stuffed toys filled with straw and roofing fabric, instead of toys laced with mercury and lead—in addition to all manner of choking hazards—for which every fourth dollar yields a 10-cent toy sufficient to make this game feel worthwhile, instead of something tangible

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Nixon’s (Still) The One

When the 37th president of the United States shook hands with the 36th commander in chief, who was the tallest president since Abraham Lincoln and the crudest man to have been president since Andrew Jackson; when the newly inaugurated Republican shook hands with, in his estimation, one of the three greatest politicians of

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