The Anarcho-Tyranny Mandate

As long as Democrats can dream of new ways to punish their enemies while rewarding criminals and illegal aliens, they will push for these threats against basic American freedom.

Swampy AARP

Like so many other organizations that began in the service of a reasonable—even noble!—cause, AARP has become merely an excuse to rake in the cash for a handful of executives.

Protecting the ‘Precious’ NHS

It can be hard to persuade free people to allow their government to intrude into their lives; in the UK, the chief means by which the government convinces the people of their need for that intrusion is the nonstop propaganda telling them that their very lives depend upon the government.

Bloomberg’s ‘Happy Ending’ Panels

The Left has politicized and created a two-tiered justice system, one for the privileged Left and one for its enemies and everyone else. What do you think the Left is going to do with a government-run healthcare system?

AARP’s Corrupt Business Model Puts Seniors Last

AARP purports to be a “nonprofit” organization. But with a $1.2 billion operating budget, questionable business partners, and a history of prioritizing profits over beneficial reforms to seniors, it’s an open question who the group really serves.