Articles by George S. Bardmesser

Why Is Kamala Harris Invisible?

omething peculiar is going on with the Biden-Harris ticket. By now, we are all used to the idea of Joe Biden hiding in his crypt, coming up for air every few days for a brief-but-eye-popping Zoom “interview” with this or that friendly “journalist.” With all the questions known in advance, and with short, simple answers […]

The Left Will Miss This Belarussian Dictator

ost Americans have barely heard of the Eastern European country of Belarus. Farmers know “Belarus” tractors—affordable, relatively unsophisticated, and indestructible. Historians remember Continental Army Brigadier General Tadeusz Kościuszko, of Revolutionary War fame, who was born in what is today Belarus. His statue stands in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Park (unless BLM and Antifa got to it). […]

Alexander Vindman: They Aren’t Paying Me $1 Million for My Memoir for Nothing

On August 1, the Washington Post published an op-ed by the now-retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, of impeachment fame. The paper’s editors had to heavily revise the piece prior to publication. American Greatness has obtained the text of Vindman’s first draft.  fter 21 years of playing soldier, I am now a civilian. I decided to […]