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George S. Bardmesser is an attorney in private practice in the Washington, D.C. area. He is a contributor to The Federalist and American Greatness, and is sometimes seen discussing politics (in Russian) on New York’s American-Russian TV channel RTVi.

Swing States, Landslides, and Libertarians

Reading “Democrats Still Haven’t Come to Terms with 2016” by David Harsanyi in National Review, an interesting passage caught my eye: Nor is there any evidence that Clinton was uniquely hurt by third parties. Democrats might hate Jill Stein, but she won 1,457,218 votes, or around 1 percent of the vote. The Libertarian Party ticket

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‘Historically Unpopular’ Trump? Look at the Real Numbers

It’s been nearly a month since I wrote about the media-fabricated mirage of Trump’s alleged unpopularity. Yet Fox News, apparently, still hasn’t received the memo. My conclusion, after looking at a set of polls administered between September 1 and January 24, was that Trump’s approval numbers are quite healthy (trending upwards slowly, and around 47

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Joe Biden’s Epic Iowa Belly Flop

Joe Biden is a dead man walking. He might not know it yet (though most likely he does). Biden might as well tattoo the word “loser” on his forehead. His campaign is functionally kaput, even if he continues stumbling from “campaign event” to “campaign event,” from state to state, occasionally remembering what state he is

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Schadenfreude Has Never Felt So Good

The impeachment farce will likely conclude this week—and not a minute too soon. On Friday, the Senate voted on whether to call witnesses to Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. The weak link, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, held the line and the resolution was defeated, 51-49. So the Democrats will not get to hear from John

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Live by the Polls,
Die by the Polls

No one who cares about the politics of our current historical moment can avoid the obsession with polls. According to most media sources, President Trump is in some difficulty, given his poll numbers. Not fatal difficulty, perhaps, but he is routinely described as “widely unpopular.” Even excluding CNN and MSNBC from our list of news

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Paging Laura Ingraham:
An Alaska Senate Seat Is Yours for the Taking In 2022

A reader contacted me recently and begged me to get in touch with Laura Ingraham somehow. The Alaska Senate seat is ripe for the taking by the right Republican candidate. Alaska Republicans are desperate for a change—and desperately sick of Lisa Murkowski, the current senator from Alaska and an alleged (but only alleged) Republican. So

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There Is No Clever Democratic Impeachment Strategy

We are now approaching three weeks since the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump on December 18. After passing the articles of impeachment that identified no actual crimes, congressional Democrats scattered all over D.C., celebrating in posh restaurants and ritzy bars. Supposedly “neutral” journalists rejoiced, tweeting out “Impeachmas” cheers to their followers. Hardcore

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