Bloomberg’s ‘Happy Ending’ Panels

I watched a British detective show, in which an anxious family stood beside the bed of a crime victim who had lapsed into a coma due to his wounds. A doctor entered the room and matter-of-factly informed the family that he has decided no further medical treatment would be given to the patient. As British law allows the doctor to exercise this power over the family’s objections in their socialized health care system, the stricken family meekly submits as this “healer” pulls the plug.

This is precisely the type of docile citizenry Michael Bloomberg and the “Medicare for All” hucksters want in America. It would make it so much easier for them to decide who lives and who dies if patients had fewer rights than criminals who, after all, can at least appeal when they receive a state-imposed death sentence.

But Americans like to pursue their happiness as long as they possibly can. They don’t want a government bureaucrat issuing them a “decease and desist” order; and most consider it morally wrong for anyone else to get one, too.

This peeves the “Medicare for All” socialist mob and elitists like Bloomberg who, in a recently surfaced video, whined that healthcare is going bankrupt because senior citizens are too selfish to know when they should die and, thus, save the government money to spend on younger people. Further, he bemoans the fact the rest of society doesn’t have the Left’s flinty heart.

Here is the full quote and a tweet with a link to the video:

All of these costs keep going up and nobody wants to pay any more money. And at the rate we’re going, healthcare is going to bankrupt us. So not only do we have a problem, it’s going to bankrupt us; and we’ve got to sit here and say which things we’re going to do and which things we’re not. Nobody wants to do that.

You know, if you show up with prostate cancer and you’re 95 years old, we should say “go and enjoy,” “have an ice cream,” “lead a long life,” “there’s no cure, and we can’t do anything.” If you’re a young person, we should do something about it. Society’s not willing to do that, yet. So they’re going to bankrupt us . . .

Here Bloomberg’s elitism is on full display. Though the 78-year-old Bloomberg is a senior citizen, he detaches himself from the class of senior citizens without the means to pay for their own healthcare and, thus, are bankrupting healthcare. Aware his billions and political connections would grant him access to all the healthcare he wants under any system, Bloomberg’s cold-blooded response to these economically struggling seniors is to suggest they stop being a drain on the system’s resources and die already.

It is one of the most biting ironies about those demanding government-run healthcare: they would institute the very economic callousness they decry as “unfettered capitalism.”

Though Bloomberg and the socialist Left claim they will provide more healthcare through the government, they know they cannot afford to do so without cynically rationing and reducing the demand (demand which will skyrocket once healthcare is “free”).

Hence, Bloomberg and the Left would kill two birds with one stone by denying care to senior citizens and letting them die. (Odd, isn’t it, how whether it’s reducing healthcare costs or addressing climate change, the Left’s “solution” seems always to result in fewer of us peons being around?)

This was precisely the pretext for the “comparative effectiveness” panels in Obamacare. These panels were to determine when the government should or should not “pay” for a patient’s treatment. Bluntly, the government will decide whether your continued existence is a sound return on taxpayer “investment.” This is the apogee of alleged capitalist greed: only the productive will receive life-extending health care; the unproductive must be denied it and dispensed with.

This is the immoral logic behind comparative effectiveness research and its panels—yes, the “death panels.” For those who read it—either before or after it was passed to find out what was in it—the death panels were right there in Obamacare. The Left covets them, even as they vociferously deny they exist outside of right-wing conspiracy theories.

Why? For the socialist Left, government-run healthcare is an ideological imperative that, despite all evidence, undergirds their delusional self-anointment as morally and intellectually superior people.

For Bloomberg and his fellow elitists, there is also a far more cynical capitalist rationale: rich elitists are presumed productive unto death, because someone will always suck up to them for a buck. Lacking such disposable income, poorer senior citizens and others who are the most vulnerable in our society will be weighed in the balance and found wanting by a money-grubbing government bureaucracy; then be denied health care and hidden away to die in quiet desperation, so society cannot see its heartless sins. All the while, Bloomberg and his fellow elitists will be living proof of Bob Dylan’s observation that “money doesn’t talk, it swears.”

Of course, Lefties will recite their trite talking points in their whiny voices about how health insurance companies are already deciding who gets life-saving medical treatments and, thus, who lives and who dies. Somehow these denizens of the “smart party” take comfort in the fact that the person who determines your fate has a job with the government, as opposed to the private sector. I guess their socialist mindset precludes the preferred option of finding ways for Americans to get the medical treatment they need, be it from the private sector, the public sector, or both.

Such a policy prescription requires increasing the supply of healthcare through free market and governmental reforms that empower patients to control their own choices—which is far more possible during the communications revolution in today’s consumer-driven economy than it ever has been.

Wedded to a failed 19th century ideology, Bloomberg and the socialized-medicine Left find such a humane, common-sense approach surpasses their collectivist mentality. Naturally, they don’t admit it, indeed they lack the capacity for the self-awareness even to recognize it.

But Americans will see the callous, elitist Left for what it is. Little wonder the majority of Americans oppose government-run healthcare; and reject the threat to our personal medical care and the health of the body politic we would face if the socialist Left can transmogrify Americans from sovereign citizens into dispensable serfs.

Indeed, given Solyndra and other examples of cronyism, the government’s history on who or what constitutes a sound investment of taxpayer dollars doesn’t inspire confidence in anyone—save for the dolts who trust the government to make their decisions for them until governmentally dictated death do they part; and for Bloomberg and his fellow elitists, who know the government will never deny healthcare (or anything else) to them.

Not being rich, elitist, or suicidal, “deplorables” should take special heed. The bipartisan ruling class has politicized and established a two-tiered justice system, one for the privileged few and one for its enemies and everyone else. What do you think they would do with a government-run healthcare system?

If Bloomberg buys the Left and they prevail come November, here’s a tip: if you want a doctor to scrub before your government-approved surgery, you’d better scrub your social media before the bureaucrats see it. After all, simply voting for Trump has led the Left to brand you every despicable “ism” they can conjure. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be surprised if you are forced to take one for the team by one of President Bloomberg’s “happy ending” panels.

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

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