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Tariff Delay Is Trump’s Christmas Gift to China

An administration official says delaying tariffs is a “Christmas present to the nation,” implying Trump's tariffs would have harmed American consumers, and that Trump is doing us a favor by delaying them. This is a mind-blowingly stupid rhetorical gaffe and intellectual concession from an allegedly pro-tariff administration.

Cosmic Injustice

When leaders virtue signal about global or cosmic sin, it is often proof they have no willingness or power to address any concrete crisis. The public tires of such empty platitudes because they also see the culpable trying to divert attention from their own earthly failure by loudly appealing to a higher moral universe.

We Must Ban Human Nature for the Sake of Humanity

In the wake of the Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton shootings, politicians and the press are calling for assault weapons bans and "red flag" laws. Surely, though, guns aren't the only objects in need of banning. Here are a few modest proposals.

Only Bold Proposals Can Displace Globalism

All of us share a rich heritage that is under attack. This time it is under attack by a pernicious idea as old as human history. It is the idea with which the serpent tempted Eve, it is the idea that man can be his own god.

The White Supremacy Hoax

The logic of the ruling class’s campaign against white supremacy cannot end in the deplorables’ peaceful submission because that campaign itself has no natural end. Some of the class’s components are sure to push for ever-stricter measures. But an inherently abusive campaign of racial profiling itself guarantees deadly friction.

The Strange Case of ‘White Supremacy’

More than 243 years after its independence, the world’s current longest-lived democracy arguably is also the world’s most racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse nation and unmatched in its efforts to promote equality.

Don’t Augment Evil

French philosopher Simone Weil in the 1930s wrote: “Never react to an evil in such a way as to augment it.” In recent days, the […]

When False Gods Ring Hollow

Sadly, but predictably, in the wake of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, many on the Left have resorted yet again to over-the-top rhetoric about […]

Igniting Civil War

Government sponsorship of violence against opponents or complacency in the face of incitement to violence is a powerful tool of political repression. Regimes such as […]