Help American Greatness Expand Our Reach in 2020

America is worth defending—not the abstraction, but the actual country, its people, its institutions, and the principles that made them great. Today that is a controversial statement, but it shouldn’t be.

The radicals control the high places of the culture and they have for a long time: colleges and universities have become seminaries for political radicals, the media has nearly given up the pretense of objective news reporting and become a tool for political advocacy and propagandizing, the administrative state is an unelected, unaccountable fourth branch of government that seeks only its own good, and the mainline churches chose social justice over the gospel generations ago.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As powerful as these institutions seem, they rely on everyone keeping quiet and pretending to believe the self-evident nonsense they daily proclaim as truth. In fact, we suspect that these institutions are quite brittle.

Our job at American Greatness is to shine a light in the darkness. And it’s a job we love doing.

We are building an institution that defends America and Americans. We educate, we inform, and by doing that, we build. We tell the truth even when it isn’t popular. We defend the American Founding even when we’re told it was corrupt and that we should “fundamentally transform America.” We develop the next generation of Americans. But we can’t do it alone.

In 2019 we beat every goal we set for ourselves. Our writing and scholarship is read by millions of people every month and our authors are seen and heard on television and radio by even more. These are numbers we could only dream of when we started in 2016. And we want to continue growing in 2020.

To do so, we need to hire new people, especially another editor and an investigative reporting team to tell the stories that the mainstream media ignores because they’re politically inconvenient. And we want to expand the Mt. Vernon Fellowship Program that mentors young conservative writers and editors.

We’ve come as far as we have as quickly as we have because of the tireless work of our staff and faithful supporters. As this year comes to a close, please consider supporting our efforts. Click here to donate.

Photo: Smith Island, on Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA

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