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Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a social worker, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker.

How Democrat Crazy Can Win in 2020

The enormity of the Obama team’s political crimes—the framing and attempted take-down of a sitting President—required a propaganda machine the likes of which this country has never seen. So we are in America the Unreal. Democrats need extreme partisanship to pull this off, not an excellent party platform. That is why their program

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Why Liberals Don’t Call Out Democrat Hate

Last month’s attack on the Covington Catholic High School boys should be one of those electrifying moments of correction, as when Senator Joseph McCarthy was asked, “have you no shame?” Instead, it is electrifying only in its illumination: the Democrats have no shame. Liberals watch their politicians, celebrities, and media leaders attack individuals,

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It’s Time to Get Real About Our Enemies

Out here in Realville, to borrow from Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump’s supporters could be very happy. For ordinary Americans—from the top to the bottom of the economic spectrum, black, white and brown—President Trump has brought good times. Except for the screeching drama queens in the Democratic Party and among #TheResistance—and our serious mass

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Leftist Jew Hatred Has Come to America

The ascendancy of the hard Left, which is Barack Obama’s lasting legacy, is transforming life in America for Jews. The comfort, safety, and equality of American Jews are not acceptable to leftists. According to the doctrine of intersectionality, minority groups are united in grievances against Western Civilization and whiteness. The Left began with

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The Celebrated Fake Frog That Is Taking Down the Deep State

When President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the top constitutional lawyers in the country shared one predominant hope and expectation. Before the hearings, I spoke with five of the men who fought and won hard Supreme Court battles for religious freedom, property rights, and freedom of speech. All of them

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Fighting Democrats’ Dirty Politics

The midterms are in the rearview mirror and the chattering classes are back to debating fake collusion with Russia and a looming indictment of the president. Before the midterms, Republican voters were told this election was consequential. After the midterms, we’re told it is just one more split-government election, move along. I’m not

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War on Men Is a Long-Term Plan for Democrat Victory

Encouraging women to hate and fear men as rapists is not a cultural development. It is a political weapon. Democrats are trying to replicate their electoral success among blacks, which they cheaply achieve by convincing them Republicans are racists. Smears such as “racism” and “rape culture” are effective substitutes for policy achievements or

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