Why Bloomberg Can’t Stop Bernie

Newly radicalized liberals provide the foot-soldiers and useful idiots backing Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, and the Squad. Bloomberg thinks he can win simply by out-organizing and out-spending them. He is wrong.

Bernie Owes Obama Big Time

Barack Obama set the stage for the Vermont socialist’s rise to national prominence. But the Democrat’s Marxist coming-out party happened too soon for America.

Thank the Pilgrims

One great and obvious gift the Pilgrims gave us was the lesson in gratitude, with this national holiday of Thanksgiving, that unites the entire country.

How Did Democrats Get Here?

There is nothing so terrible about President Trump that he can’t be treated fairly and rationally by the press and his opponents. Derangement is a choice. It is a strategy.

Democratic Contenders Go Rogue

The “derangement” over Trump is a rejection of the two-party system. Democracy means you sometimes need to accept defeat. The new Democrats reject that—and reject basic American values along with it.

Dangerous Derangement

America cannot continue as a republic without the acceptance that one party routinely will be turned out of office. Democrats no longer accept that bedrock […]