Is China Funding the Phony Joe Biden Campaign?

Joe Biden is running a profoundly phony campaign. Hillary’s defeat is famously blamed on her low-energy decision to not show up in the Rust Belt. But Biden isn’t showing up anywhere.

No candidate since George Washington has campaigned so little and with so few live supporters. Joe Biden is no George Washington.

How can Biden be a contender when he gets 30 supporters at his rallies and Trump attracts 30,000? Biden attracted 130 cars to hear him in must-win Pennsylvania. In Miami, Latinos for Trump organized a 30,000 car parade on their own.

In a rare joint appearance, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went to Phoenix. Biden needs Arizona to win.  Zero supporters turned out to greet them. Zero. Video of the eerie empty scene was carried on a local news station only. The Biden campaign says they did not let the public know about the visit to avoid large crowds.

More oddities: The Democrats are not mounting a ground game. No volunteers knocking on doors. Very little effort to register new voters, either.

This strategy doesn’t pass the sniff test for an honest campaign.

The answer, as usual in politics, is to follow the money. President Obama never came close to the money supporting Biden’s campaign.

Democrat leadership doesn’t care who their figurehead candidate is because Democrats have enough dark money to buy the election. They are outspending Republicans in swing states by a large margin.  Money on this scale has never been seen before in American politics.

Christian Adams, of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), is working day and night to defeat Democratic election fraud. In a phone interview this week, Adams called it a “tsunami of dark money.”

Adams told me, “The Democrats have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of new dollars that never existed before…well in excess of a billion dollars…it is an avalanche of money. Hundreds of millions are being given to local election officials.”

Hundreds of millions of dollars to local election officials in Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

Adams added “[Democrats] are spending hundreds of millions in litigating to break down election rules. Where is it coming from? New money that has never been there? Is there really that much excess money in American philanthropy? Suddenly we conjure up a billion dollars that never existed before?”

ActBlue has raised $3.5 billion in the last 10 months.

ActBlue’s $3.5 billion is on top of the Democrats’ big donors. It doesn’t include the half a billion or more from Democrats’ 50billionaire backers. It doesn’t count Soros’ quarter of a billion Open Society Foundation 2020 budget. It doesn’t include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s legally questionable privatization of our election process by spending $400 million for unmonitored ballot boxes in Democratic districts only (an invitation to illegal ballot harvesting).

Where does that $3.5 billion in ActBlue money to defeat Trump and buy Congress come from?

No one knows. But we have some educated guesses.

We do know the Democrats are lying about where they are getting this cash.

Democrats boast that most of their money comes in small donations from unemployed people. ActBlue claims almost 50 percent of its donors are unemployed. The Democrat National Committee claims 40 percent of its donors are unemployed. The Biden campaign claims 51 percent of its donors are unemployed.

Compare this to the Trump campaign: 3 percent unemployed. The Republican Party’s online WinRed: 4 percent.

How many unemployed people are there in America during the period in question? 4 percent.

It seems the Democrats’ numbers are fake.

Democrats also claim only $53 million of ActBlue’s $3.5 billion came from donations above $200. This also defies the laws of physics in terms of normal fundraising.

Could ActBlue’s unemployed donors with billions of dollars to give actually be fake names? Is this a scam to hide billions in dark money from a large donor or donors, including bad state actors?  Answer: easily.

Phill Kline, head of, wrote about ActBlues’ shady shenanigans for RealClearPolitics:

[ActBlue] has leveraged its powerhouse presence to negotiate a special relationship with banks so that it does not have to reveal donor names when processing its gift cards, as is normally required for virtually all online transactions. Some people have long suspected this allows ActBlue or a mega-donor to easily break large donations down into smaller gifts to avoid campaign finance laws and Federal Election Commission scrutiny.

Under ActBlue’s set up, foreign programmers can make up names and buy gift cards in bulk to hide the identity of the source of the money. It isn’t even hard.  John Pudner and his team at Take Back Action have found that ActBlue has more than 10.9 million “express” donors who contribute repeatedly. According to ActBlue itself, these express donors account for 40 percent of the money they raise.

The Take Back Action team downloaded and number crunched the 380 million ActBlue transactions. In one single day, ActBlue moved $26 million into Biden’s campaign, with 150,000 donations attributed to names that have never shown up as a donor to anything else before.

Pudner says bluntly, “ActBlue’s system, which fails to use standard banking verification, could allow for a single donor to make unlimited small contributions using stolen identities.” He warns, “ActBlue provides an easy process to funnel illegal money, including potentially foreign dollars, to liberal causes and candidates.”

Equally illegal: ActBlue lumps together charitable and political donations, providing another route for secret large political donations. The IRS, turning a blind eye, has not investigated.

In the last election, Russia is said to have spent $200,000 on their crude disinformation campaign on Facebook.

After four years of President Trump in action, how much do you think China would give to get rid of Trump and put Biden in power?

Does anyone doubt that the Democratic Party—if they thought they could get away with it—would accept Chinese money?

One thing is certain: ActBlue has been able to inject $3.5 billion of potentially fake contributions into our election.


About Karin McQuillan

Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker and American Greatness.

Photo: (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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20 responses to “Is China Funding the Phony Joe Biden Campaign?”

  1. The IRS and big banks are in on the scam and DOJ refuses to do anything to investigate and prosecute. It is beyond a doubt that it is a massive money laundering operation for the chinese, dem donors, and illegal shakedown money from the BLM/ANTIFA stormtroopers.

    This is war.

    • If the DoJ refuses to do nothing, doesn’t that make them “in on it” as well?

  2. Given that the interests of the Chinese Communist Party and our domestic Democrat party are closely aligned, this is more than plausible. But the behavior of the Deep State makes it pretty clear that the cadre of forensic accountants and investigators who should be running this to ground does not exist.

  3. Joe Biden’s supporters are too busy burning, looting, and assaulting people to show up at his rallies although I suppose you could say these somewhat violent protests are Joe Biden’s rallies.

  4. What China is doing to Hong Kong, they will do to the US.

    And those who were treasonous to the US, they are “useful idiots” for China. And why would China ever trust these people, because if they turned against their own nation, then why would China ever expect loyalty from them either. Mercenaries have no loyalty to nation or ideology; only to the top bidder.

  5. $3.5 billion? With a “b”? Isn’t that more than both presidential campaigns combined spent in 2016?

    We already know from past examples that donks are the past masters of illegal fundraising, including raising money from foreigners. Slick Willy Clinton did it, so did Evita Clinton, and so did Barry. Biden is the veritable, real-life definition of “The Manchurian Candidate,” he’s been on the take from foreigners for who knows how long.

    For a political party that has made it plain that it intends to overthrow the Republic, accepting boatloads of foreign money from people and regimes hostile to the Republic is a no-brainer, just another tool in the toolbox.

    And they keep getting away with it, so why not go all-out and be brazen about it? If they win next week, they’re guaranteed to get away with everything.

  6. If anyone runs across statistics or evidence of the following assertion from the McQillan article, please share that data:

    “More oddities: The Democrats are not mounting a ground game. No volunteers knocking on doors. Very little effort to register new voters, either.”

    Our local Pacifica radio station, KPFK, had a guest on the Tom Hartmann Show (a leftist show with leftist guests). The guest asserted, “Everyone I know is writing emails, knocking on doors, calling friends and family to get out and vote” 30 Oct 2020

    There’re different perspectives about the Democrats’ ground game.

    Anyone have statistics supporting the thesis? “The Democrats are not mounting a ground game. No volunteers knocking on doors. Very little effort to register new voters, either.”

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Don’t be silly. Dead folks can’t show up at rallies. But, no worries, they’ll sure to be voting for Biden come election day.

  8. I was perplexed. After a lengthy and expensive Democratic primary, where are the Democrats getting all this money from??

  9. Just to keep everything in focus: If the Dems win the election in 2020, including the presidency, the senate, and the house, whites and non-communists will be eliminated in the American Holocaust by 2030. This is keeping in line with socialist and communist takeovers in the past. In addition, South Africa, Venezuela, Iran, and China will start the killings by the end of 2021 of all their dissident populations.

    In short, we are screwed. Oh, us 2A types will last a year or two longer, but ultimately, the US Military will be used AGAINST us, with no concern for women and children. Yes, the election will decide the fate of humanity.

    • How deep does the deep state run . Trump has only stirred the surface of the muck. Politicians of both stripes have been on the take for decades. Even if Trump wins he will not be able to root all of it out. Those on the take might cool it till his second term is up but they will be back in force come next election.

  10. This is the biggest load of garbage and lies I’ve seen in a long time

    • It seems you’ve thought this through – which evidence would you like to provide to refute the article?

  11. God help our USA. I wonder how many Democrats have sold their souls to the Devil? Yes this election will be very interesting 🤔 to see if evil wins. We need to band together and ask God to put the right person in the White House. I know how powerful Prayers are. So we all need to pray to God to protect our Nation and forgive us of our sins. We need to put God back into our families lives. God bless the USA 🇺🇸

  12. As Americans, we should be aware of those moves that are against our corporate progress. If Dems are now becoming ‘money bags’, let’s vote them out. Let’s vote ‘hell’ out of our Nation. IN GOD WE TRUST.

  13. There’s a reason why Biden didn’t have 30,000 person rallies or send volunteers door-to-door: The Pandemic. Same reason Halloween trick-or-treating was discouraged for our children.

    Trump doesn’t care if hundreds of his supporters are now dead because of the careless lack of social distancing, wearing masks and not gathering indoors.

    I have to laugh at the comments by others, who say that an “American Holocaust” will wipe out whites and non-communists. Trump supporters are incredibly gullible to all of the conspiracy theories that have been imagined.

    It will be a “Trump Holocaust”, as the Trump crowd dies off due to COVID-19 and their intentional ignorance of recommendations from our top scientists on how to avoid getting infected.

  14. The DemocRATS are well known to be in bed with the CCP so it stands to reason that if the CCP can exert influence in the USA they most certainly will.It is no good Joe Biden saying he has no dealings with the CCP, his son Hunter is in the CCP’s pocket and so is Joe. It is no good trying to deny this fact.

    Voting with my feet against the censorship practicing YouTube!
    Please share! (ALL RIGHTS RELEASED) Download and upload whenever you will.
    This is being aggressively shadow banned since last night’s YouTube upload on my wife’s channel. 🤬 Evidently, only an uploading cybermob will make it available for election night boogying!

  16. Joe Biden worked hard while in office to get China “Preferred Nation” status. He’s made all kinds of money from China, Russia, Ukraine etc, etc…. This is just another example of the rampant illegal activity the democrats are willing to put to use. The democrats have been pushing for the “New World Order.” Biden has even remarked that he’ll rejoin all the world organizations that Trump took us out of. The W.H.Organization, The U.N., The Paris Accord, the Iran Agreement, the World Trade Organization. All also controlled economically controlled by Global Banking. The U.S. needs to be brought under control. The citizens need to learn to OBEY. The lockdowns, especially the EXTREME dictatorship in dem states started it, then they need to remove religious beliefs. The Government needs to be #1 and people of faith have someone they always place on a higher level. They also need to remove our 2nd amendment rights. Citizens that can fight back are not easy to control. Guns MUST go. We have to stop them getting any power in our 3 branches of Govt. Vote RED (Remove Every Democrat!)