Warren Promises to Divide Jerusalem, Fund Terrorists

Democrat presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were the star speakers at the national conference of J Street, a woke anti-Israel (verging on anti-Semitic) group, which met last week in Washington, D.C. Our two socialist candidates, sharing the podium with terrorists, are competing to see who can top the other in betraying our ally, Israel, and promoting Palestinian terrorism.

Warren addressed the audience by a video, in which she promised to divide Jerusalem. “Both parties should be able to have their capitals in Jerusalem,” she declared

For Warren to promise that as president she would carve out part of Israel’s capital city and hand it over to Israel’s mortal enemies is an ugly and dangerous plan. It wouldn’t be within her power or legal authority in any event. 

But bullying Israel plays well with her woke audience, stewed in campus anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda for decades. It suits Warren’s Marxist anti-colonial voters to believe that as Caucasians, Israelis have no rights to their indigenous homeland, nor to its Jewish capital founded long before Christianity and Islam were born. 

Warren should know that dividing Jerusalem is terrible for American interests. She would create a terrorist enclave in the heart of Israel’s capital and destabilize our strongest ally in the fragile Middle East.

Such is Warren’s big plan for Israel, which she summarizes as a means to “fix the damage caused by Donald Trump’s reckless policies.”

Promises Kept

Soon after taking office, President Trump cemented his reputation as a straight shooter who does what he promises, when he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. It was a dramatic message to the Palestinians that their threats of violence will no longer intimidate us. Similar to his policies on the U.S. border, Trump’s allegedly rash act was merely following a law passed by Congress decades ago. 

Presidents Bush and Obama each courted American voters by promising the very same thing, but as soon as they were elected, they quietly deep-sixed their pledges, citing “national security” reasons. Trump, too, was warned the Middle East would erupt if he stuck to his pledge, but the president follows common sense and honors the trust of voters and our allies.  He doesn’t cover his derriere by following the self-interested advice of experts. 

Unlike Warren, President Trump wouldn’t dream of kowtowing to Arab anti-Semitism and imperialist ambitions. He treated Israel with the same respect accorded all other nations, by locating our embassy in their capital. There was no Arab meltdown. On the contrary, the Saudis and Israel have a more realistic relationship of détente under Trump’s foreign policy than ever before. The Palestinian Authority has been quiet. 

It was also a smart move politically. President Trump won a lot of gratitude from American Christians and conservative Jews. Retired Jews are a key voting demographic in the important swing state of Florida, and helped deliver the state to him in 2016. Miami-Dade voters over the age of 45 voted 56 percent for Trump. 

Writing Off Voters, Scamming Taxpayers

By reversing Trump’s course with Israel, Warren would write off older Jews, just as she is writing off large swathes of the unwoke American public. 

Warren had more to promise her followers who loathe Israel. She plans on “finding ways to apply pressure and create consequences,” specifically, knuckling Israel under by withholding military aid.

Apparently she wants to resuscitate Obama’s hostile attitude toward Israeli and American Jews, which helped presidential contender Mitt Romney win 30 percent of the Jewish vote. 

Warren also pledged she would restore funds that President Trump wisely cut that were dedicated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and to Gaza, which is run by the terror group Hamas. 

Canceling UNRWA was one of President Trump’s genius moves. UNRWA is a U.N. agency dedicated solely to helping Palestinian “refugees.” Other refugees are persons fleeing their country. A Palestinian “refugee” need only have a great-grandparent who once worked in Israel. Part-time work counts. The U.N. defines Palestinians as refugees who always lived on the Arab side of the 1949 armistice line. 

For decades, UNWRA was a wealth redistribution project, taking $250 million a year from American taxpayers and shelling it out to Palestinian terrorists and welfare queens. We paid for food, education, housing, and even personal loans for 5 million qualifying Palestinians, irrespective of financial need. Millionaires were not excluded from our generosity.

President Trump hates America being played for a sucker.

UNWRA had 30,000 employees of which all but 200 were Palestinian. Since there are only 30,000 Palestinians alive today who were displaced in 1948, that’s a 1-1 staff-to-refugee ratio. U.N. international staffing for all other refugee services in the world is less than 6,000 people. Total. That’s for 126 countries such as Sudan, Somalia, and Syria. The most staff any one country gets is 437.

A Terrorist Mini-State on the Dole

Is UNRWA really Warren’s idea of fairness or compassion? Is she blind to what UNWRA became—a hostage situation in which terrorists were put in charge of ordinary Palestinian people?

It is well known that Palestinian terrorists run UNRWA housing projects and schools. UNWRA teachers destroyed four generations of Palestinian children, making them moral monsters who believe Jews are subhuman pigs who deserve to be slaughtered. They groom 7-year-olds to become suicide bombers. They run paramilitary summer camps where small children must leap through a hoop set on fire, screaming, “Kill the Jews.” These camps were paid for by American funds until Congress put a stop to it. 

In short, UNRWA was a terrorist mini-state on the U.S. dole.

President Trump killed this scam. This is what Warren promises to revive. On “humanitarian” grounds.

The hostility of the American Left to Israel goes back to Soviet policy during the Cold War years. This is one more blast from the past we could do without. 

Which raises the perennial question: Why don’t liberal Jews use their brains and see that the Democrats are throwing them to the wolves? 

Answer: most don’t want to be blacklisted professionally and socially by parting ways with their intolerant and punitive fellow Democrats. The good news: A small but crucial and growing number of Jewish voters will find the growing Democrat level of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish animus is a step too far.

This week in Iowa, a Democrat voter accused America of “genocide” against the Palestinians. Warren nodded and agreed, “I like your frame on this.”

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