Democratic Contenders Go Rogue

I’ve taken a break this summer, hiking in the mountains instead of paying attention to politics, so watching the last Democratic presidential primary debate was a shock. It was like coming face to face with a bear, but a lot less fun. I like bears. They mostly mind their own business. You cannot say that about Democrats. Plus, I’m always armed with bear spray when I hike.

Still, there’s that moment of fear when you look into the eyes of a massive creature that might decide to go rogue, knock you down, and gnaw off your arm. 

The Democratic Party’s contenders for the 2020 presidential nomination look like a collection of losers, but they are not harmless. They do want to knock us down and take more than an arm. 

Collectively, they represent their voters, a solid 40 percent of the American people. Most of them prefer socialists such as Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) or Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) to the conventionally liberal Joe Biden. These two promise an all-out assault on freedom, free enterprise, and our Constitution. 

Warren or Sanders may miss out on the nomination this time around, because they are splitting the leftist vote, but they represent the majority of their party. 

These voters are not going away. Some are Baby Boomer SDS-types like Sanders. Many more are campus neo-fascists like Warren who feel entitled to take over and purify corporate America, seize the wealth of the rich, and tell the rest of us what we may think and do. 

The white elite enjoys the guilt trip of white privilege harped on by Beto O’Rourke. Senator Kamala Harris’s race-baiting of Biden in the first primary debate was so popular among these voters, it temporarily made the U.S. senator from California look like a potential winner. Many Democrats adore identity grievance groups, like Pete Buttigieg, a mediocre Midwestern mayor whose one outstanding attribute is that he is gay. 

These Democrats hate America. They want rewards in life doled out equally to all by the government, not earned by personal effort, because personal effort almost always guarantees unequal outcomes. They claim America is a “white supremacist” society and that whites should now be penalized as individuals, in order to correct “institutional racism.” They want people to be handicapped in access to jobs and power unless they are the correct gender, race, and sexual orientation.

Where does the Constitution allow Democrats to outlaw private insurance? To seize people’s guns? To give the rights of citizenship to foreigners? To base government policies on race? To destroy our borders instead of protecting them? 

We will be sharing the country with these America-hating Democrats for the rest of our lives. They are not going away. Trump supporters are likely to give Democrats a drubbing in 2020, but then it will be their turn. That is how American politics works. 

There is no returning the hard Left to a harmless fringe. They are righteously determined to impose their values on the rest of us.

Even out of power, Democrats are scheming to ensure Trump is the last Republican president. These are authoritarians who think they deserve to rule. The “derangement” about Trump is a rejection of the two-party system. Democracy means you have to accept defeat, but the new Democrats have rejected that along with the rest of American values. They are working on changing our electoral college. They are working to undermine free elections through vote harvesting, redistricting, and outright fraud. They seem to have intimidated Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts with their threat of court-packing. 

Two out of the three top contenders are Bernie Sanders, a Soviet-style Marxist, and Elizabeth Warren whose plans for the government to dictate policy and profits to corporate America is proto-fascist in the Chinese model. All the Democrats have pledged to destroy America’s energy industry. Many have pledged to outlaw private health insurance. All have pledged to open our borders to all. None of them respect the Bill of Rights. 

This is all so bizarre in American terms it seems impossible. It is not only possible—it’s here. 

Campus culture, after eight long years of Obama’s interference, has come of voting age. They live in a hive-mind social media society, policed by mobbing, with censored sources of information. Through blacklisting, they have monopolistic control of our schools, colleges, media, and the high-tech corporate giants. They have won hearts and minds. It’s easy to do when those who don’t go along are destroyed. They enforce the diktats of their ideology ruthlessly. That’s their American dream.

Politics is very emotional for Democrats. They don’t care about jobs and national security, the two basic duties of the president. According to the Democrat primary, the fate of the world is at stake with the climate change crisis. Minorities’ existence is under threat by Republican “white supremacism.” They don’t want prosperity if it means some people—the hardest working, smartest, luckiest, most entrepreneurial, most self-sacrificing—can earn fabulous wealth. They see differences between people as unfair. They want sameness. They want to be given things, not to earn them.

There is no returning the hard Left to a harmless fringe. Their voters do not test their ideas or their policies by debate. They demonize Republican ideas instead of engaging with them. Far worse, they totally ignore real-world results. America’s success under President Trump, based on freedom for individuals, property rights, and free enterprise, only makes them angrier. 

These voters live in a subculture that tolerates no differing opinions. They are righteously determined to impose their values on the rest of us. 

This Democratic Party has gone rogue.

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About Karin McQuillan

Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker and American Greatness.

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