Trump Dominates the Opposition By Taking Them Seriously

When our nephew was 9 years old, he posed an unending series of questions: who would win in a fight, a lion or a crocodile? A gorilla or a shark? Those questions come to mind as we watch President Trump face off against his political opponents. On one side, President Trump, on the other, the entire Democratic Party-media complex, and their enablers among the GOP establishment. It is President Trump who comes out on top in each major battle.

Do not underestimate the president’s opponents, however. They are not giving up and returning to civic norms of civil bipartisanship. Democrats have had tremendous success in getting out their twisted message that Trump is a menace to the nation. It is everywhere in the mainstream media, on Google and Yahoo, on Facebook and Twitter. They have suppressed President Trump’s popularity despite the fantastic job he is doing on jobs, the economy, trade and geopolitics.

After the collapse of the attempted Russia-collusion coup, and the arrival of Attorney General William Barr, that three-year dynamic has shifted to President Trump’s favor.

Yet the Democrats have hardly missed a beat. They have pivoted to a multitude of personal investigations, to weird accusations that Barr and Trump are suppressing evidence, while also protesting the declassification of documents. Democrats are still screaming “constitutional crisis” and talking of impeachment—all meant to taint Trump’s image with no-information voters.

Do not mistake the Democrats for a joke, no matter how ludicrous their actions look from this side of the reality divide.

Byron York pointed out long ago that the Democrat “resistance” is not mindless hysteria, but a proven strategy that wins them elections. “Their actions, taken together, have a number of strategic intentions. The first is to distract, and do whatever damage it can . . . Second is to constrain the White House and create a sense among voters and potential Trump supporters that enacting the president’s agenda will come at an enormous cost in peace and public safety.”

The Democrats are purposely fomenting anarchy, a good old Marxist strategy. Trump derangement was planned and funded immediately after the inauguration and dubbed the Resistance, as if they were opposing a Nazi. Trump Derangement Syndrome is deliberate. Nice suburban women remain loyal Democrats, thinking they are voting against racism and tyranny.

If Democrats can equate Trump with constant unrest and agitation, they win. When so much mud is flying, bystanders aren’t fussy about who’s flinging it. They are just as likely to blame Trump, and take the chaos as proof that he is radical and doing bad things.

Democrats boast they won the popular vote in 2016, which is of debatable significance, given that their lead came entirely from the biggest cities in California and New York. The Democrats’ real strength isn’t in the numbers of people who support them. Their strength lies in the seats of high power that Democratic Party activists occupy.

Democrats have an army of identity grievance officers, drawing six-figure salaries, ensconced in corporations and campuses across the land, who are paid to intimidate political dissenters and threaten their careers. They crucially dominate education from kindergarten through college. They would not have the Millennial vote without these powerful propagandists.

Most dangerously, the Democrats have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, and all the rest of social media actively twisting their algorithms, their advertising dollars, and their rules to shut out conservative opinion. They are demonetizing conservative videos and news sites, to put them out of business. Facebook put Candace Owens on a list of “hate agents,” inviting their employees to discover some dirt they could use to block her. Google searches purposely exclude plain vanilla news sources like The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.

Democrats have millions of thought police, creating conformity to their ideas through peer pressure, vicious bullying, social ostracism, and blacklisting. Democrats have succeeded in politicizing every Hollywood event, weekly sports casting, and even family holidays. They keep conservatives out of the most influential careers in the country, those in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, academia, and mainstream journalism.

Blacklisting is why the Democrats win the culture wars. Without it, they would not win elections.

Despite these nefarious strengths, Democrat success is self-limiting in the short run. Democrats can inflame their own supporters with righteous fury, but they’re never going to regain their working-class base with ugly racial and transgender agitation. There’s no positive message. There’s no image of responsible governance or caring about the good of the country. They’ve become mud wrestlers.

Meanwhile, President Trump holds the high ground, getting things done, moving forward, grabbing great headlines about jobs. With Trump’s impressive team of highly competent, sensible, practical and successful people, with his pro-growth policies, things are looking hopeful for the whole country.

Somehow, it is the Democrats’ grip that keeps slipping, and Trump forges ahead regardless of what they throw at him. His base is steadfast, and his self-confidence grows stronger, not weaker. As a counter puncher, their dirty fighting seems to energize him. Trump simply cannot be intimidated.

Previous Republican presidents have chosen to ignore the Democrat mudslinging in dignified silence.  Trump never makes that mistake. He takes each attack seriously and counterattacks twice as effectively.  He never accepts the defensive position.

The Democrats want to label him a white supremacist?  President Trump is going after the black and Hispanic (along with Asian and Jewish) votes with everything he’s got.

A new possibility has opened that has the Democrats fighting for their survival: Trump is delivering for Latino voters and for blacks, as he has pledged, on jobs and dignity, incarceration reform and inner-city revitalization. If Trump succeeds, it will end one-party rule in the black community. Latinos are already switching sides.

Republicans are ready to unite as patriots who love our country, black, white, and brown, and want government to focus on jobs and security, guaranteeing our future, and getting out of the way.

Democrats’ intentional derangement is a weak hand outside their core of loyal voters. There’s one thing about the president they can’t hide or distort. President Trump is doing a great job for the country he so obviously loves. He is earning his re-election.

Photo Credit: Athit Perawongmetha/AFP/Getty Images

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Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker and American Greatness.

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