Why Bloomberg Can’t Stop Bernie

Michael Bloomberg is selling the Democratic Party establishment on the idea he can solve the party’s problem with money. He is doing well so far in terms of buying ad time and endorsements, having the leadership bend rules for him, and hiring every Democrat campaign staffer across the country. But his lackluster performance in the Nevada primary debate did nothing to slow Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) momentum. Sanders is already showing that the leadership no longer calls the shots.

Millennial Democrats have turned socialist in the 21st century. They are identity-politics Marxists with a digital twist—the “woke.” Marxist promises to destroy the rich, followed by free everything for the masses are all there, relabeled as “social justice.” The ugly totalitarian underpinnings are given a virtue-signaling makeover and said to be fighting bigotry and saving the planet from global warming.

The future is theirs unless conservatives stop the progressive perversion of our educational system. We have made little discernible progress in the past three years. With the power of social media and the corruption of the old media, progressives have moved beyond our schools to mainstream their ideas among Democratic voters of all demographics.

Marxists such as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who pressured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to impeach the president with disastrous political results, are not the self-destructive fools they seem. They have the unified discipline, the energy, the numbers, and the money to dominate the Democratic Party.

They are succeeding with their long-term strategy, which is to discredit our republican institutions among Democrats. They have pushed mainstream liberals to the left. Not one single politician has dared confront them.

Like Ocasio-Cortez’s “squad,” Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) also raise their funds directly via social media. They are not under the restraining influence of normal political calculus.

Mainstream Democrats have begun to express a Red Guard mentality. Don’t dismiss this as old school pandering—that is exactly why it is so dangerous. Such extreme talk by presidential wannabes reveals that their focus groups are telling them Democratic voters respond favorably. Former Vice President Joe Biden calls for the jailing of energy company CEOs. Warren wants to jail bank executives. She would also impose criminal penalties on tech companies that spread what she terms “disinformation.”

Coming from Fauxcahontas this is particularly rich, but once you stop laughing, you realize she’s talking about criminalizing free speech, and that Democratic voters are all in. They have redefined conservative ideas as hate speech and want to ban them from social media, and indeed, all public and even private discourse.

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg promises to end constitutional checks on tyranny by destroying the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court. Like #TheResistance, his goal is one-party rule, allowing Democratic Party strongholds like Los Angeles and New York City to rule the entire country, unfettered by the courts.

Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg supporters no longer know or love our Constitution or our Bill of Rights. They don’t understand that free enterprise must be free of government control.

These Democrats reject the indispensable norms of a tolerant society such as “live and let live” or “mind your own business.” They are entitled to their opinions and also to control yours. The Democratic majority doesn’t like the right to bear arms or freedom of religion or freedom of speech or freedom of thought. They just like free stuff.

Groupthink is enforced in their social circles by blacklisting, ostracism, and destruction of careers. Now they want their politically correct rules enforced by the federal government. In creepy Soviet-style doublespeak, it’s government control in the name of equality, both race-based and economic.

The progressive vanguard is all in on mass illegal and legal immigration, which they hope will deliver a permanent progressive majority. Again we see the Democratic totalitarian dream of one-party rule, with an ugly racial twist. President Barack Obama often spoke longingly of progressives’ “demographic destiny,” by which he meant the end of America’s white majority, according to David Remnick’s New Yorker exit interview with Obama. But if you call this anti-white racism (which it is) then you are consigned to progressive hell.

This tyranny by progressives is the norm in public education across America, in our college towns, high-tech companies, our big cities, and on our two coasts. It is the norm among the social influencers in sports, Hollywood, and journalism. Millions of Democrats live in this stifling progressive subculture and don’t mind it—or, if they do, they don’t have the courage to speak up and absorb the attacks.

Pete Buttigieg, falsely labeled a moderate, rejects what he calls the conservative definition of freedom. He redefines freedom as government enforcement of a progressive wishlist on race, gender, “financial exploitation,” energy, and health care.

Since 2012, writes progressive Matthew Yglesias, white liberals “have moved so far to the left on questions of race and racism, they are now, on these issues, to the left of even the typical black voters.” This shift was the calculated success of President Barack Obama’s use of the Trayvon Martin and Ferguson shootings to radicalize the white liberals in the party.

Younger radical activists have weaponized social media to out-fundraise and change the balance of power within the party. As reported by Frank Hawkins at American Thinker, veterans of Sanders’ 2016 campaign, most notably Saikat Chakrabarti and Cenk Uygur, formed 16 different campaign groups housed in one office to primary mainstream Democrats in safe seats and replace them with radicals. Their big success in 2018 was the election of the socialist, pro-jihadi, pro-transsexual “squad.” These new radicals in Congress then struck a deal to back Pelosi for the speakership in return for powerful committee assignments.

The most successful new Marxist in Congress, Ocasio-Cortez, was recruited in a unique way by the far-left Justice Democrats, who ran a contest with 10,000 entrants, to pick a charismatic puppet to represent their views in Congress. Ocasio-Cortez’s brother entered her name without asking her; she had no political ambition or experience at the time. As a congresswoman, many of her statements are almost word for word talking points from the founders of Justice Democrats, as this video shows.

Newly radicalized liberals provide the foot-soldiers and useful idiots backing Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, and the squad. Bloomberg thinks he can win simply by out-organizing and out-spending them. He is wrong. It is the billionaire versus the power of social media. Bloomberg may save the House for Democrats by outspending and out-organizing every Republican candidate state by state, but he will only be saving a Democratic Party that is dominated by the ideas and the activists of the hard Left.

The Left is playing to win America. It is a long game. With Sanders as the frontrunner, they have moved closer to their goal.

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