Why Nothing Biden Says or Does Matters to Democrats

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has catastrophic problems that would hobble any candidate in ordinary times. His mental capacity is failing so badly that he appears senile and lost in many of his public appearances. He is too mentally and physically tired to campaign. He has been exposed for raking in multimillion-dollar payoffs from China, Ukraine, and Russia when serving as vice president, using his son Hunter to launder the bribes. This is the worst level of corruption, and with the country’s worst enemies, ever seen in America.

None of it matters to his voters. But there’s more.

Those are Biden’s personal liabilities. His policy liabilities should be just as fatal—all recorded on video and enshrined in the Democratic Party platform for his voters to see. Biden and the Democratic Party have an ambitious vision—they are noble warriors in a fight against climate change, white supremacism, and nativism. They are proud of it.

Translated into policy, it doesn’t sound as good. Democrats are the party of no energy, no police, no borders. As a bonus, they are forcing white students and workers in corporate America into indoctrination sessions teaching them how evil they are. 

Republicans look at this and see a complete divorce from the real world. “No fossil fuels” means no economy. “Abolish the police” means murder and destruction, as we have witnessed all summer. It is a return to savagery and each man defending his own family. “No borders” means no country. To reject a colorblind society is to foment a race war.

To make matters even worse, Democratic policies on energy, the police, and borders fall hardest on one of Biden’s most crucial voting blocks: poor minority voters. Without police protection, a thousand more Americans were murdered this year, most of them black. This was directly due to the liberal war on police, and blacks know it. Minority businesses have been burned to the ground by spoiled, woke, white kids.

Are Biden and the Democratic leadership insane to attack white people, energy, police, borders? No. They are raking in campaign contributions like never before. The media loves them. The polls love them. Their voting blocs are loyal. Things are pretty good for them.

There is no price to pay. Democratic voters choose to ignore what they see with their own eyes. They will not believe that Biden is senile and corrupt because he is their guy, and they are the good guys. 

None of Biden’s problems matter to Democratic voters. They don’t wish to hear about it and if they do by mistake, they plug their ears. 

These know-nothing Democrats range from the rich, successful brains of Silicon Valley and Wall Street to Millennial Marxists and snowflakes. It includes unionized teachers and the failing students they groom for a life on welfare. It includes an army of government bureaucrats. For all of them, the big government goody train is threatened by President Trump. 

They have a perfect defense. They are protected from unwanted information by a media cone of silence, and united as members of the Superior Tribe. 

When you have superior values and ideas, you don’t need reality checks. You certainly don’t need to listen to your opponents, the Stupid Racist Tribe. 

Democratic voters get to feel morally superior while taking care of number one. Their personal income depends on government jobs, regulations (I’m looking at you, Silicon Valley), or cronyism. Voting Democrat is vital to their self-interest, and they will not be budged by disastrous economic policies, by riots or crime, by loss of our fundamental freedoms. Comfortably self-righteous, they don’t even have to admit their vote is for sale.

The college-educated white woman is credited with having a big mushy heart and an insistence on politeness, which makes her allergic to President Trump’s aggressive tweets. We hear less about liberal women being one-issue voters, where the ease of having an abortion is more important than American prosperity and freedom, more important than infanticide.

The beauty of it is that these self-interested Democrats are dreamers. It’s not comfortable to admit you’re out to get all you can from the authoritarian, corrupt, and destructive Democratic Party. So instead, they dream of making the world over into a never-seen-before beautiful and fair and peaceful place, all through the power of government. 

Utopianism is dangerous. It blinds Democrats to the real world and justifies their supposed right to power and control. It leads them to atrocities like woke mob rule—online, at work and in the streets. They feel justified in destroying people for having opposing views and values. They are willing to trash everything good in America—they are superior to all the wisdom of the ages.

Democrats reject religion as backward, but they assign their own ruling liberal elite god-like powers to fix every problem. Unlike religion, their road to utopia requires that individuals have little liberty and less responsibility. 

Victory for the Democrats is so virtuous, nothing must stand in its way. Noticing that Biden is senile and corrupt would be a problem in this election, so they do not notice it. 

Of course, Republican politicians also seek and abuse personal power for their own gain. Anyone in power can become dangerous to the rest of us. That is why our Constitution limits government. At least Republicans are grounded in American history. They accept constitutional limits. Liberal Democrats and leftists do not. 

Democrats strive to diminish each person’s independence, claiming it is for the common good. Freedom and responsibility are selfish words to them. 

Democrats bristle at the very word constitutional, which they think means white supremacy. 

This is not just a problem of confused thinking. Democrats are no longer willing to lose elections. They resisted the election of President Trump for four years by perverting our FBI, Department of Justice, and the media. Normal legislative and electoral opposition is too limited for them. Now they are intent on politicizing the Supreme Court and adding two new states to guarantee one-party rule.

Liberal superiority and groupthink justify electing a corrupt and senile Joe Biden. Everyone they know is doing it. 

The Democrats’ sanctimonious urge to power will brook no limit. That is as dangerous as it gets. 

About Karin McQuillan

Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker and American Greatness.

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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26 responses to “Why Nothing Biden Says or Does Matters to Democrats”

  1. This was an excellent analysis of the current political/social climate in the U.S.

  2. Absolutely correct. Leftism is a religion masquerading as a political ideology.
    Their faith in their ability to dictate is all they have. This is why they always turn violent. When normal people say no, your wrong they can’t take it. Like all religious fanatics they turn violent.

    • And Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion. No wonder they get along so well.

    • It really is a religion with them. When Western societies had a Christian consensus, one man could quote the Bible to the majority and call their actions *wrong*, and they respected that. Now, mayors are telling rioters that rioting is wrong, citing rioters’ status as local citizens. When all else fails, they invoke their real deity: Pay attention to how often Dems say *science*, and then expect a reaction of blind faith from their followers.

  3. What the idiots in the “superior tribe” fail to see is that once in power they’ll start turning on each other as they keep ratcheting up the required virtues. Every totalitarian regime has done this. If they’d study real history with an open mind they’d know this.

  4. Liberals IN BOTH PARTIES have suppordted “the superior tribe”. Liberals in both parties are backing Joe as I type.


  5. The Democrats vote their tribe. The radicals have gained control of the D tribe and the rest will follow them over the cliff in blind obedience. I think a good counter to the R party is a great thing, but the D’s version of this for the election cycle is dangerous. Better to stamp out the crazies and let the party reconfigure. Who would have dreamed the D party would be the choice of the insanely rich and the destitute who don’t care about anything, with a bunch of marxists pulling the strings? A whole bunch of famous D’s are spinning in their graves.

    Obama showed they are perfectly willing to advance their social agendas at the expense of the American people. The Trump boom was only possible because the D party held America down for 8 years. Obama himself said that he would rather collect less in taxes than to let rich people make more money.

    You cannot force people not to be jerks. But what passes as a jerk depends on who is in power. History has shown with enormous body counts the effects of legislating what passes for morality.

    • Liberals have an important draw that is left out in this article, which attracts a lot more people than any other quality. They portray themselves as the cool kids. So what if you can’t think for yourself or act in your own best interest? So what if there’s a difference between right and wrong, boys and girls, science and fiction? They’re just livin’ in the moment, man! Why look any deeper? Follow the herd straight into the industrial slaughterhouse of history. They’re here for a good time, not a long time. Thinking independently just makes them mad. If thinking was cool, they still wouldn’t do it, but they would pretend to.

  6. Biden is nothing more than a temporary puppet, so it does not matter now. But if he wins the election, then:

    * Pelosi may choose to impeach him
    * the Cabinet may invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him
    * he may resign after 2 years
    * mysterious fall off of 2nd floor balcony of WH
    * mysterious food poisoning
    * mysterious fall down stairs

    So it will matter later.

  7. they don’t care about skeezy joe because they know he’s not going to be president for more than a month

  8. The Democrat voter fully expects to vote for a LIAR, THIEF, GRIFTER and all around THUG. This is what they want! So, “Corrupto Joe” Biden is just what the doctor ordered! The Democrat voter fawned over the Clinton’s CORRUPTION, LIES, DECEIT and their many crimes of graft, under the table deals and such. So, why would anyone think that the Democrat voter will shy away from “Corrupto Joe?”

    • I was just getting ready to write that the Clinton’s devotion to corruption was way bigger than stupid Joe’s . They have and will get away with far more evil and vile stuff than Child molester Joe ever committed .

  9. There is a problem that even this excellent writer hasn’t spelled out, and indeed very few have besides Mrs. Codevilla and Anton. There are big supranational interests that have driven most Western politics for at least the last 70 years. Big banking, big global corporations, mostly. Their goal is ultimately something close to a one-world government to which they bring us so gradually we won’t notice. The reason is, they want a liquid world where goods, capital and labor move freely as needed (by them), and anything standing in the way is to be removed.

    Now, for past stages of this plan, the mantra of “free trade” was the best tool. That’s why they promoted all the alphabet-soup International bodies and treaties like UN, EU, IMF, NAFTA, etc., while culturally and politically they pumped up Right-leaning think-tanks like National Review and figures like WF Buckley, Jr. Until 20 years ago, “Right” meant “supportive of free trade.” Bushism was the perfect political vehicle for their interests, and we got over 10 years of it–plus Bill Clinton, which was Bushism’s mirror image.

    But then something unexpected happened. The middle class started noticing that globalism was hurting them. Most manufacturing, and the prosperity it brought, was exiting our nation, while hordes of third-world strangers was coming in and settling in their once-cohesive neighborhoods. Economic and cultural malaise then needed to be countered and silenced, which is why they started attacking White middle and lower classes directly. At the same time, those same White middle and lower classes found their champion in an outsider that promised to put a stop in this seemingly-inexorable descent into this globalist hell.

    It is roughly at this point that the globalist élite realized that cultural Marxism was their next best host. That’s when we got Neoliberalism: free-market absolutism on one hand, and aggressive vilification of all values and interests tied to the White middle and lower classes on the other. That’s where we are now. The same Goldman Sachs, Amazon and Apple CEO’s who want more free trade, fewer tariffs and more H1B visas to yet more Bangladeshis are the same who want you and me to have fewer and fewer things in common with our neighbors, our families, our communities (including police) and indeed our compatriots.

    All identities have to be remade to be liquid, just like the world they want to create. The only thing remaining is man as the perfect unit of production and consumption–free of all allegiances save for the brands we buy or the company we work for. All our other functions as animals with a higher soul are to be dulled with drugs, medical and non, stultified by social media that they control, infantilized by the kind of tween music they pipe in everywhere, and further confused by ideas of gender liquidity, disintegration of the family, and so on.

    The moment we realize that THIS is the new paradigm, the sooner we can work to correct it. This is why I bristle when I hear free-market Vs. big government, socialist Vs. capitalist, etc. These are yesterday’s wars, much like the Guelphs and Ghibellines, the Cavaliers and Round Heads. The line of battle today is globalist Vs. nationalist–which means Neoliberal (as defined above) Vs. traditional White middle and lower class values.

  10. The democrats have moved from liberal to leftist ideology. The difference is liberal ideology has respect for the individual and eschews group think. The left has absolutely zero respect for an individual person and only sees people in tribal groups. But there is a value no ideology but the left holds near and dear: The Truth has even less value than the individual. Their truth is what they say there is and even that changes hourly. Ignorance of what the Truth is this hour is no excuse for holding back their wrath. Case in point: At the ACB hearings where Hirono said the term sexual preference is apparently offensive. The preferred term is sexual orientation and… wait… Websters Online changed the definition in real time! There we go – Truth changed in real time. It is for this reason I am no longer magnanimous with democrats and love how Trump destroys them. They are no longer honest political brokers or purveyors of of sound reasonable policy. They are nothing more than lying scum and need to be eradicated from the public square.

  11. Liberalism is much worse than religion.
    Religion is the belief in things that cannot be proven.
    Liberalism is the belief in things that have been proven false.

  12. The entire premise of this article is wrong. Biden’s faults do matter, to independents. The 47% are brainwashed and financially dependent on the socialist/communist Democrats but the middle is breaking for Trump.

    Trump is going to win this election on NOV 3 and it will be clear by NOV 4. Go out and vote, and be prepared to exercise your 2nd amendment if the elitist scum call to delay calling the election until they can steal it with voter fraud.

    • I hope you are right. I’m not feeling particularly confident at this moment. What’s truly disheartening is the “anti-Americanism” so openly displayed in The United States of America, itself. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men that have a system of government designed to protect our “inalienable” Rights. Half the country seemingly has no interest in protecting or preserving them if it means having disagreements. 20th Century history is repeating itself before our eyes and the results will be much uglier for “We The People” than Pearl Harbor, WW II or Vietnam.

    • BIden has $500M sitting in his campaign coffers donated by attorneys which has been earmarked for electoral litigation.

      When this gets to SCOTUS it is nothing short of the grace of God that Ginsburg is gone and Barrett is seated.

      As a result we can expect to see domestic insurrections the likes of which we have never experienced before.

  13. I totally disagree with the author. Most dimocrats DO understand that Biden is a demented old criminal pervert. Someone could post a pic of Joe and Hunter reprising the Kennedy/Dodd “waitress sandwitch” using Beau’s daughter as the waitress and it would have ZERO impact. The Dims are voting against President Trump and THAT is the only thing they care about.

    • It’s not so much as they care about Trump leaving office as that would imply mindfulness. Most casting ballots for Biden are DigitalZombies held under the comfortable ccaptivity of Big Tech monopolies with Behavioral Analytic programs manipulating their minds. As a result they don’t care to know anything about the policies behind the candidate.

      These Know Nothing voters can be woke-up when you ask them what is meant when Biden says he wants “more control” over the vir(us). When you ask them if they’ve heard of Biden’s plan to mandate masks be worn while driving down the freeway alone in your car they usually say “No”. Then you say it’s OK, because the owners of Big Tech companies that will be doing all the surveillance don’t want you to know. Once woke, “change my vote” usually trends in search engines in their local region.

  14. Funny that liberals believe their own truths and will not diverge from their position in the presence of fact and truth. Think of having a person that has their mind made up on everything and will not change their view for cause in charge of our country. We are looking at fascism in the face while they call Trump a fascist.

  15. It’s time to hang several democrats. It’s really just come to that. Pick a few members of congress, tech firms, media, colleges and just lynch them in front of the Capitol bldg. No more than 50 this first round

  16. The big problem with the Democrat Party is that it has become a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party run by master gangster Xi Jinping. He knows that ideology is for suckers, idiots and serfs who need to be ruled with an iron fist. Joe Biden, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the Squad know that too.

    Obviously, Democrat voters want to be ruled that way because that is what the Green New Deal and BidenCare will require.

    The rest of us would rather die than live that way. And that’s the rub, this time around.

  17. Much of Biden’s troubles and faults, thanks to the miserable MSM are never seen or heard by the general public. They’ve been extraordinarily good at keeping his flaws hidden from view as much as they’re able. If they were the least bit honest about it Biden would draw ten percent of the support he gets. And since the big tech firms are so heavily involved they’re extremely hard left and utterly corrupt. They do not allow anything negative about Biden to see the light of day.
    MAGA A / KAG 2020

  18. The author is (mostly) right. The Dems could have nominated a dead cat, and many of the voters would be fine. It is the establishment (read here, deep state) that would run the country at that point anyway.
    What the author doesn’t realize is that the Dem voters are are hollow as the voters for, say, Bush or McCain. They vote for what they perceive as the lesser of two evils.
    Trump needs to hammer on the Dem base with what their policies are doing to this country. He hits it hard enough and he’ll see daylight.