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Bill Asher is a writer and retired executive. He lives with his family in Massachusetts.

Bret Stephens Plays War

In his siren suit and slippers, atop a stack of bound but leftover newspapers from September 30, 1938, next to a butter dish of an ashtray and a mimeographed sheet of the Munich Agreement, sits Bret Stephens: the Newseum’s in-house performance artist. A Chamberlain of a Churchill, he commands a column of one. He types

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Pete Buttigieg: America’s Unelected High School Class President

From a politician who tweets like a Frenchman to a presidential candidate who acts like one, Pete Buttigieg is Mitt Romney with dermabrasion and a Just For Men® (indeed!) dye job. Mayor of America’s 306th largest city, Buttigieg brings the hauteur of Harvard to the heartland. He brings his passive-aggressive style to South Bend and

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The Tyranny of Ignorance

Forgive the voice-to-text historians who hear German whenever President Trump speaks, who see a madman with bad hair, who see the open hands of benevolence toward a master race, who see the closed hands of belligerence toward a specific race.  Forgive these self-anointed Murrow Boys who mistake the sight of smoke and the sound of

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Turkey Plays Chicken

One bullet can start a war, but no rifle has enough bullets to end a war.  To know this truth is to see our troops in Syria, where peace with honor is improbable and the freedom of a just peace is impossible, because we are belated bystanders—we are witnesses after the fact—to a treaty between

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A Throne of Grace

In a windowless room whose layout is as familiar to lawyers and judges as it is foreign to American ideals of justice, where judges act like clerks and justice feels as cold as it looks, where the powers of the state belong to a mallet too small to be a murder weapon but strong enough

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A Very Cracked Kristol Ball

To see the speck in your brother’s eye, to see your brother as guilty of the highest crimes and the lowest deeds, to see so little and condemn so much, to hate to see your brother make war, to accept war until your brother sees the wrongness of the oldest hatreds, to see yourself as

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