Transforming Hope and Progress Into Misery and Despair  

To a man-child with a monkey wrench, everything looks like a gear: a set of gears to sabotage or stop, causing the means of production—the factories, the mills, the machines—to grind to a halt. 

To a man-child with a smartphone, however, everything looks like cause for a work stoppage, as if looks alone constitute probable cause, as if looks matter more than laws of conscience, as if looks are a warrant to do the unconscionable. 

To a man-child with a martyr complex, every desk is a table to stand upon so as to be a cross between Moses and Jesus; holding a cardboard sign as a stone tablet, or holding a tablet—an iPad—as a sign, to show the word: UNION.

What the man-child shows the world is the will to destroy, based on the thrill of destruction. What the man-child is, to repeat the point of my previous column, is a threat and a distraction. What the man-child supports is what the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU) wants, not what nonprofits need.

If, after 15 months of lockdowns and quarantines, nonprofits face a series of lock-ins, if the forces of social justice (so-called) strike against nonprofits, society will suffer a grave injustice. That such a strike could worsen suffering among the masses, or result in the digging of mass graves, is no exaggeration.

The man-child does not care what happens, so long as something happens, regardless of how many bodies he flattens on behalf of the Good Intentions Paving Company.

The man-child does not care because he cannot see. Not that he wants to see those whom he ruins in the name of progress, by the least progressive means, for the most regressive end.

The man-child cares about one thing, and one thing only: winning. Winning in spite of the defeat of innocents. Winning in spite of all evidence to the contrary, because all evidence contradicts the claims of the man-child; for the man-child strikes to smite his enemies without striking them with his fists. 

And yet the rod, the dowel that sticks to the sign, spares no one. The man-child bludgeons all opponents, grouping the mildest critic and the fiercest foe as a single enemy. Such is the logic by which the man-child does business. 

That his business is without cause or movement, that his business is bankrupt for want of morals, not lack of money, that his business continues to degenerate, that his business is proof of degeneracy—such is the definition of a racket.

The man-child is the enemy of workers, not the voice of the working class. His agenda is personal, not professional, though protesting may as well be his profession. His actions profit his allies, the true believers, at the expense of truth and the survival of nonprofits.

If the man-child’s lies prevail, his story will become the story of record: the narrative history remembers. Before the man-child strikes, we must remember to do our duty. 

We must remember that no lie can live forever.


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