Free to Offend—For Now

Some words about words: The more words we classify as fighting words, the less able we are to fight for liberty with nothing but words. […]

Theranos: Another Word for Thanatos

Wherever religion is dead, fundamentalism is alive and well. Wherever faith is indubitable, and the faithful attack the doubtful, disaster is inevitable. Look, then, not […]

Peggy Noonan Misses It

In her latest column-as-civics-lesson, which reads like a GED practice essay, Peggy Noonan predicts that President Trump will face a foreign policy crisis. Not only […]

Liam Neeson’s List

Not since 1976, when a man began his day 180 miles from Athens, Georgia, and 6,500 miles from Jerusalem, Israel, not since a peanut farmer […]

Howard Schultz’s Apron

An espresso machine is a machine for men. Women may use it—millions do—but that does mean they are men. Nor does it mean the same […]

Deep Thoughts from Tom Friedman

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Tom Friedman dropped acid and bumped his head against an imaginary desk during a series of duck-and-cover […]

Zucked Again!

Not since a group of yellow-eyed dwarfs, dressed like monks and armed with muskets, held a flea market in the desert has there been a […]

The Rigged Economy

A picture by a worker says more about the economy than a thousand economists have ever said about how the economy works. The story behind […]

The Worst a Brand Can Get

Forget plastics. Numbers are more pliable than any polymer and more credible, to the incredulous, than all the words of a believer in God, than […]

Justice for the Victims

Justice delayed is . . . justice delayed. Not justice denied, because if justice means anything—if America’s criminal justice system is to retain a scintilla […]

Amazon Fresh

A suggestion: Until Jeff Bezos develops a conscience, he should rent one. Until Amazon improves Alexa, its voice-activated virtual assistant, so as to make this […]

Jon Meacham’s Nose for Nonsense

Between Tom Friedman’s mustache, which looks like Harry Reems’s mustache, and Jon Meacham’s nose, which looks as big as Reems’s “mustache,” Friedman and Meacham look […]

Pure Zuckery

Facebook is the claw crane of social media, with fewer prizes. Instead of stuffed toys filled with straw and roofing fabric, instead of toys laced […]

Nixon’s (Still) The One

When the 37th president of the United States shook hands with the 36th commander in chief, who was the tallest president since Abraham Lincoln and […]