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Bill Asher is a writer and retired executive. He lives with his family in Massachusetts.

The Fall of France

What site could be more sacred, what sight could be more sorrowful, what monument could be more metaphorical than reality itself, than the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral? What more warning do we need than the flames from a fire in Paris, from a church desecrated during the French Revolution and nearly destroyed, today,

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Robert Caro Records a Greeting for ‘The Rockford Files’

This is Jim Rockford. At the tone, leave your name and message. I'll get back to you. I’ll get back to you, as Lyndon Johnson used to get back to members of Congress. Not in reprisal, but through a series of rituals—through an auditory exercise of the rites of power—where Johnson used the phone in

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Pete Buttigieg of South Bend to Mike Pence: Bend Over, You Bigot

Leave it to a politician obsessed with sewers to practice gutter politics. Leave it to Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to attack President Trump—who supports gay rights—by attacking a man who is not president: Vice President Mike Pence. Leave it to Buttigieg to read the Bible as selectively as he accuses Pence of

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Trump Trumps China: Beijing Agrees to Ban Fentanyl

America’s longest war is the world’s biggest battlefield. The battle is for the life of the world, waged in every city and every hamlet—in every state and every city—against an enemy more poisonous than any tyrant and more plentiful than any army: poison itself. The poison of illegal synthetic opioids. The poison that China had

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Facebook Without a Human Face

The worst places often have the best-sounding names. So it was with the German Democratic Republic. So it is with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. So it shall be with a “globally harmonized network.” That network is Mark Zuckerberg’s name for world government via the World Wide Web: the bleeding edge between the virtual

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Bret Stephens Loses His Mind

To read Bret Stephens is to know what it means not to have a copy editor. To read his copy is to picture a spasmodic man-child, overcome by facial tics and rivulets of sweat, causing the wax and makeup on his forehead to run, causing people to flee while someone from Madame Tussauds tries to

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Wooing Tyrants: The Warped Thinking of Tim Wu

Truth is the unintentional expression of hatred by a person who deplores a group of people. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who believes her opponents are her enemies, that her enemies are many, that her enemies oppose all that is right, that her enemies are right-wing extremists; unlike Mrs. Clinton’s rage, on film, Tim Wu’s revelation—in the New York

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Abolish the CIA?

From fiascos to disasters to imbroglios to quagmires, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a study in moral defeat and martial failure. Its certainty matches its ineptitude: a consequence we continue to pay for information—for intelligence—whose value is a matter of deception, of deceiving the American people not with complexity but through the simplicity of

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