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Bill Asher is a writer and retired executive. He lives with his family in Massachusetts.

Howard Schultz’s Apron

An espresso machine is a machine for men. Women may use it—millions do—but that does mean they are men. Nor does it mean the same women want to be men. It does, however, mean we have a shortage of men who look the part, who have the skills to know and the strength to do

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Deep Thoughts from Tom Friedman

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Tom Friedman dropped acid and bumped his head against an imaginary desk during a series of duck-and-cover drills in a garage, with the doors closed, so as to better inhale the fumes from, respectively, a 1967 Plymouth Fury and a row of aerosol spray cans, followed by

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Robert Mueller’s Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Robert Mueller has a body, but he does not have the bodies. He has Roger Stone, whom the FBI arrested after IMF Agent Ethan Hunt had lowered himself into Stone’s home office and hacked his computer, while wearing a suspension suit and squeezing his stomach muscles to maintain his balance, after, also, a time-traveling cybernetic

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Sticks & Stones & Catapults & Ninjas: FBI’s Raid on Roger Stone

At 4:02 a.m., three hours and five minutes before sunrise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the only thing Roger Stone could see without his circular-framed glasses, during his state-sanctioned eye exam, were the letters (stenciled in yellow) FBI. At 4:03 a.m., after 29 FBI agents and 17 vehicles had surrounded Stone’s home, after two Black Hawk

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Zucked Again!

Not since a group of yellow-eyed dwarfs, dressed like monks and armed with muskets, held a flea market in the desert has there been a sale on robots like the one in the Wall Street Journal. Not so much a sale as the debut of a new robot: Mark Zuckerberg, Typist. This one even uses the

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The Rigged Economy

A picture by a worker says more about the economy than a thousand economists have ever said about how the economy works. The story behind the picture, which was taken by a friend who works for a financial services firm and has 25 years of industry experience: It is a snapshot of Midtown

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The Worst a Brand Can Get

Forget plastics. Numbers are more pliable than any polymer and more credible, to the incredulous, than all the words of a believer in God, than all the world’s believers, than all the God-loving prayers by people of humility and kindness; because to only believe in what you can count is to lose count of the

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Justice for the Victims

Justice delayed is . . . justice delayed. Not justice denied, because if justice means anything—if America’s criminal justice system is to retain a scintilla of strength from moral rot within and martial enemies from without—if there is a constant to this White House, it is opposition not only to illegal immigration but to immigration

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