This article was published originally on December 24, 2019.

The Lights of Hanukkah and Christmas

The lights of Hanukkah and Christmas reveal themselves in both the ratio of a spiral and the golden ratio of the curves of a candle. The lights shine from the gold of a candelabra and the glory of a chosen people. The lights shine unto all people, guiding a path to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

The lights allow us to work, to continue the work of God here on Earth, so we may make gentle the life of this world. 

The work is ours alone to do, not because it is a rite necessary to enter the world to come, but because it is true and righteous altogether. 

The work taxes the soul—the work tests the spirit—even when the labor is easy because the work is a constant struggle against doubt. 

The work is a testament of hope, not certainty, because the man who thinks he knows everything is too blind to see the smallest speck or the biggest beam. He shields his eyes from the dangers of the Sun but refuses to open his eyes to the divinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He sees the light of the universe, but refuses to search for the light of providence.

Blind to religion, the man of reason is just as devout as the man who is deaf to all religions except his own. 

He is a Gentile who believes there is no salvation for Jews. He is a Protestant who believes there is no reprieve for Catholics. He is a Muslim who believes there is no redemption for Christians and Jews. He hears what he wants to hear: the sound of his own voice echoing across a dead sea of nothingness.

May the light deliver us from the darkness of pride, arrogance, and hate. God bless us, every one!

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