Once Upon a Time in Hell

What if there were a chemical reason for the chain reaction of the summer of 1969? A series of odorless but nonetheless noxious fumes: Ben […]

Nike: Goddess of Ignorance

The flag of 1777, not 1861. The Stars and Stripes, not the Stars and Bars. The flag of Betsy Ross, not Nicola Marschall. The flag […]

To the Moon, Jill!

A trio of flags: one raised in victory by six Marines atop Mount Suribachi, a second lifted in defiance by three firefighters at Ground Zero, […]

A Soldier’s Story

He wrote four sentences, totaling 65 words. He said more, in fewer words, than America’s greatest economizer of words. He wrote about the bravery and […]

Stubborn as a Mueller

In the history of fatuous statements, somewhere between Bill Clinton’s disquisition on what the meaning of the word “is” is and theologians debating how many […]

A Day for America

Thousands of flags pierce the earth, filling hundreds of acres of greenery with staffs of bronze and spears of gold, until every headstone and cross […]

Pay the Writer

To suggest that products produce themselves, to suggest that the means of production work without workers, to suggest that we can animate the inherently inanimate, […]

A Day to Unite Against Tyranny

Imagine two liars committed to the same lie for different reasons. Imagine telling half the world communism is the wave of the future, while the […]

The Impeachable Presidency

The office of president of the United States is an impeachable offense. The offenders constitute a gallery of rogues and realists, a monument to men […]

The Death of Humor

Irony did not die in a fireball of Islamic rage. It did not end on the 11th day of the 9th month of a new […]

The Fall of France

What site could be more sacred, what sight could be more sorrowful, what monument could be more metaphorical than reality itself, than the burning of […]