Turkey Plays Chicken

One bullet can start a war, but no rifle has enough bullets to end a war.  To know this truth is to see our troops […]

A Throne of Grace

Judge Tammy Kemp and Brandt Jean set a beautiful example of justice and forgiveness at the sentencing of Amber Guyger.

A Very Cracked Kristol Ball

To see the speck in your brother’s eye, to see your brother as guilty of the highest crimes and the lowest deeds, to see so […]

Bill Weld Torches His Mind

Bill Weld is as much a constitutional scholar as I am a geneticist. His maddening cry for the execution of President Trump is no better […]

The Death of Ideology, Not Irony

What politics forbids, politicians foment—namely, absurdity. The absurdity of uniforms. Absurd uniforms born of uniformity of thought, of Blackshirts and Brownshirts, of jodhpurs and jackboots, […]

The Man with an Everlasting Name

Imagine the body confounding the language of life, while the mind continues to consecrate the Word of God. Imagine the body conflating the words of […]

The Meaning of Labor Day

Not a vacation day, but a display of vocation. A day to safeguard workers and sanctify the nature of work, where the ability to do—the […]

Once Upon a Time in Hell

What if there were a chemical reason for the chain reaction of the summer of 1969? A series of odorless but nonetheless noxious fumes: Ben […]

Nike: Goddess of Ignorance

The flag of 1777, not 1861. The Stars and Stripes, not the Stars and Bars. The flag of Betsy Ross, not Nicola Marschall. The flag […]

To the Moon, Jill!

A trio of flags: one raised in victory by six Marines atop Mount Suribachi, a second lifted in defiance by three firefighters at Ground Zero, […]