The Russian Indictments: Who’s Laughing Now?

I recall the time when President George W. Bush claimed to have looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and seen a soul. My response: “Whose?” In 2006, while I warned Putin was a Stalin-wannabe and enemy of the United States, the Swamp’s “sophisticated” foreign policy swells contemptuously chuckled at my antiquated “Cold War” paranoia.

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The Media’s Walk-of-Shame Won’t End

The media have been on a walk-of-shame bender since 2016. They were whored out by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, swallowed the Christopher Steele dossier, and still get drunk-dialed by the Left. The cheap-date journos show up every time. Each morning, the media floozies trudge through the quad wearing their “I’m With Her” t-shirts from

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Our Anglo-American Heritage Can’t Be Wished Away by the Left

As a history professor and long-time instructor in “Western Civilization” classes, I was dumbfounded by recent leftist attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions, at a meeting of U.S. sheriffs, innocuously observed that these highly respected police officials are part of our country's democratic and “Anglo-American” legal and law enforcement heritage. The term

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“Hoplophobia,” Not “Gun Culture” Is the Problem

As the usual suspects enter into the steps of the gun-control dance once more, the ringing tones of “shall not be infringed!” and the admonition of “well-regulated” will sound again from sea to shining sea, and across the reaches of the internet. Since, at this point, every sentient citizen has already hashed those

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In Porter Saga, Media Concern About Abuse is Secondary

House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy told CNN Wednesday morning that his committee is looking into how the White House handled domestic abuse allegations against former staff secretary Rob Porter. The media has been on a weeklong feeding frenzy since the Daily Mail posted an exclusive interview with Porter’s second ex-wife claiming he emotionally

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Triumph of the Shills

Let's begin with Godwin and get it out of the way.Imagine for a moment that Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister for the Third Reich, was an amicable fellow (which he was not), smiled often (which he didn’t), and decided to go on a goodwill tour of the West, with the cutest cheerleaders from the Hitler

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Swatting Mr. Trump

Let's assume your neighbor is a jerk. His kid broke your window playing ball and he doesn't think he should pay for it. He throws empty beer cans over his fence into your backyard. His 10 dogs, all the size of Shetland ponies, use your yard for a toilet and snarl if you

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Republican Embarrassments

Free-marketers are right that tax cuts stimulate economic growth that in turn lead to expanding production and eventually more federal tax revenue. But the problem traditionally has been that to obtain tax reductions, Republicans also have had to sign on reluctantly to larger expenditures. Or, worse, they willingly believed they could spend more,

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